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VERY Rare NASA photos not available anywhere online.

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Hello All,

Hope all truth seekers are well. This torrent file contains two very rare NASA photographs taken in the 60's which show artificial structures and constructions of possible alien origin on the surface of "our" moon. The only reason I happened to know about these photographs was because I chanced upon a copy of George Leonard's excellent book, "Someone Else Is On the Moon." You will find little or no reference to these photos doing an online search. You have to know about them beforehand to know to look for them. The first is photo # 67-H-1179 of Tycho Crater showing multiple buildings. The other is photo number 67-H-1651 which is a zoomed in view of the highlands North of Tycho crater.

Anyone who may've searched online about this topic might have seen this list of rare NASA photos and the anomalies they contain. I have provided it below.


72-H-835 Bridges Mare Crisium Tranquillatus and Crater Proculu
66-H-1612 Vehicle and manufactured objects SE Mare Tranquillatatus
72-H-1387 Machinery Bullialdus - Lubinsky area
66-H-1293 Rig in octagonal crater Lunar farside - Lunar Orbiter 1
72-H-1109 T-scoop ming central mountain in crater E Mare Smythii
71-H-781 Rig on crater terrace Apollo 14 crew photo
69-H-25 Rig making spiral cuts Unnmamed farside crater
72-H-837 Machinery raising dust on rim of King Crater
67-H-1206 Domes and construction Tycho
72-H-834 Spraying crater and cannon shaped object NW King crater
72-H-836 Spraying crater in highlands King Crater
72-H-839 Various constructions Farside King Crater
67-H-201 Latin Cross near crater Crater Keplar near Oceanus Procellarum
67-H-1135 rolling objects
67-H-758 group of connected objects Cratered upland basin LO 2
67-H-510 object going uphill Crater Sabine B
67-H-327 Craft in anomalous crater Oceanus Procellarum
67-H-187 Obelisk with bar on top Lunar Orbiter 3
67-H-1179 Glyph (amazing) Tyco Crater
67-H-1651 Spray, connected constructions Tycho and Northern Highlands
69-H-8 Vehicle tread marks Farside Apollo 8
67-H-266 Diamond opening in anomalous crater Surveyor 1 landing site

***********Note on how I got these photographs and how you can too:

I had to call NASA headquarters and ask to acquire the numbered images. A librarian then acts as a kind of buffer and asks you a series of questions such as, "Why do you want the photographs?" "Who will be seeing these photographs?" Do you plan on distributing these photographs?" After coming up with a story that appeased her, I had to wait a week for her to either find the photos or decide to let me have them. She then sent the photos to a company I had to pay $5 to, and they were mine. I serously doubt if she would have given them to me if I had told her the truth: "Yes maam, I plan to examine the photos for alien constructions which prove and highlight the fact that the government has been untruthful to to the very taxpayers who payed for the mission and all NASA employee's salaries and also raises a red flag that we should seriously consider taking their word for anything as truthful."

One thing though, I was explicitly forbidden from sharing them! ha ha ha! Well, too bad NASA.

**********A Note on how to examine these images:
It is worth a half hour at least of serious study if you want to shatter your current paradigm and see the prove of civilized life on the moon. What I do is open the file in "Windows Picture and Fax viewer" and zoom in until the horizontal scroll bar on the bottom of the screen is about an inch long. Then you start at one side of the image and slowly scan a section maybe three inches wide, then scroll over, etc. Look for details, things that shouldn't be there. You really have to take your time and look closely and carefully, but it is worth it.

You will be amazed at what you'll find. One thing to keep in mind is that you're looking for anything artificial: strait lines, right angles, odd shadows, machines, parallel lines, roads, tracks, etc. We are told that there is no atmosphere on the moon, so none of these features could be caused by rain or wind. It is common to find strait bridges across craters. Particularly in 67H-1179, one can see a huge crane type machine with strait lines highlighted by the sun on the inner crater rim.

Also, these pictures were taken miles and miles above the surface, so it wont be a crystal clear view of a city skyline; it'll be more like how you'd imagine proof of civilized life on the Earth would appear from orbit (taken with 1960's cameras).

Good hunting and be well.


Please reseed. Thanks

Hello, Hope you'll still here and you still have the pictures :)).. Can you upload the photos on google drive or something? The torrent doesn't work for me. Thanks

Same here, torrent doesn't work for me either.
Although the stats say that it has been completed 3 times.
There are only two images in the file?
Is this right?

yes only 2 images

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Rare NASA Photos/

Found this site while searching for NASA photo 71-H-781

List of Lunar Anomalies

NASA photo
number Phenomena Lunar Location
72-H-835 Bridges Mare Cisium, Mare Tranquillitatus
and Crater Proculus

66-H-1612 Manufactured objects, Southeastern Mare Tranquillitatus

72-H-1387 Machinery, Stitches Bullialdus-Lubinicky area

66-H-1293 Super rig in Lunar farside taken from Lunar
octagonal crater orbitor I

72-H-1109 T-scoop cutting away East of Mare Smythii
central mountain in

71-H-781 Super rig on crater Taken by Apollo 14 crew

69-H-25 X-drones making Unnamed farside crater
spiral cut

72-H-837 X-drones raising dust King Crater
on crater rim

67-H-1206 Domes, construction, Tycho Crater

72-H-834 Spraying crater, Northwestern half of King crater
cannon shaped object

72-H-836 Spraying crater in Farside King crater

72-H-839 Sprayed craters, Farside King crater
crosses and X-drones,
spare parts, pipes in
ridge, nozzle in crater

67-H-201 Latin cross near Crater Kepler in Oceanus

67-H-1135 Moving object with Crater Vitello

67-H-758 Group of objects with Cratered upland basin taken
appendages, connected bu Lunar Orbiter II
by filament or track

67-H-510 Object going uphill Crater Sabine D

67-H-327 Vehicle inside
anomalous crater Oceanus Procellarum

69-H-28 Variety of rays Crater Humboldt and Southern Sea
surrounding craters

67-H-1179 Coverings, glyph in Tycho crater

67-H-1651 Gas spray, Crater Tycho and northern highlands
constructions, power
source with connecting

67-H-187 Obelisk with Taken by Lunar Orbiter III
horizontil bar

69-H-8 Rope ladder or vehicle Lunar farside taken from Apollo 8

72-H-1113 Pure energy flowing Northwest of King Crater
over crater rim

70-H-1630 Control Wheels Fra Mauro area

67-H-304 Machine tooled object South of Maskelyne F

70-H-1629 Crater being covered, Fra Mauro area
tooled object

67-H-41 Control wheels Mare southeast of crater Kepler

67-H-266 Diamond opening in
anomalous crater Surveyor I landing site

67-H-935 Construction Area of Mare Orientale. Mare Veris
and Rook Mountains

71-H-1765 Platform with dome Oceanus Procellarum and Herodutus

69-H-737 Ribbing Triesnecker crater

66-H-1611 T-bar Western Mare Tranquillitatus

67-H-318 Plumb object Oceanus Procellarum

67-H-307 Right-angle pipe West of Rima Maskelyne in Soutern
Mare Tranquillitatus

67-H-897 Dome on platform, Northeast of Mare Imbrium
constructions near
Alpine Valley

The above listed PHENOMENA descriptions were taken from the book "Somebody Else is on the Moon". NASA plate numbers and plate descriptions are freely
available and listed on all NASA public moon plate photographs.

The address listed in the book "Somebody Else is on the Moon" for ordering
reprints of these photo's is:

Space Photographs
Post Office Box 486
Bladensburg, Maryland 20710

To contact NASA directly the address is:

Room 6035
400 Maryland Avenue, S.W.
Washington D.C. 20546

Information concering the book "Somebody Else is on the Moon" is:

Written by Geory Leonard
Published 1977
ISBN: 0-671-81291-2
Originally published by The David McKay Company

This edition published by:
Pocket Books New York

The address is:

Pocket Books
1230 Avenue of the Americas
New York, New York 10020

You can also obtain a catalog of latest books and out of print books from this
address as well.

Only two images were downloaded when I downloaded this torrent. I did a quick google search of one of them and found that it is ALL over the internet. 67H1179 Has been on a NASA page since at least 2003: /*/

Just some FYI, I do not think the claims made in the text are accurate or they are very old.


I viewed images and found no noteworthy anomalies