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Vernon Coleman 2021-05-21 Time is running out - we must act now! 125 languages

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An Old Man in a Chair

Vernon Coleman 2021-05-21 Time is running out - we must act now!.mp4
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Vernon Coleman 2021-05-21 Time is running out - we must act now!.mp3

English-language .srt subtitles from careful transcription
Computer-translated subtitles in about 125 other languages,
by Yandex, Google, Baidu... and Dari by GreedyBs

Dr Coleman:
"I've told you this sorry tale of unbridled persecution
because it proves just how desperately dishonest
the whole enterprise really is.

"If they were honest, they would debate with me,
believing they'd win. But they can't debate with me,
because they'd lose.

"So they try to win by spreading lies. This isn't normal
social media abuse. It's malicious lies, invented and spread
to cause doubt and to help to keep the truth suppressed."

"People who believe that the covid jab works are, by definition, terminally
trusting and gullible. They're buying a deliberately manufactured myth
and a network of self-sustaining lies.

"They're the sort of trusting innocents who probably still believe that
Father Christmas squeezes down chimneys once a year.

"They don't know that they're taking part in an experiment.
They don't know that the jabs don't stop people getting covid or spreading it.
They don't know that the experiment won't finish officially until 2023.
They don't know that it's been proved that covid has killed no more than the flu.
They don't know about the deaths related to the jabs.

"We need to share the facts which prove, without any question,
that the experimental injections have killed and maimed tens of thousands."