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Vernon Coleman 2021-03-22 Fighting for Our Lives - We Must Unite 125 languages

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tags: Agenda 21, Bossche, Coleman, coronavirus, genocide, vaccine, war

Dr Vernon Coleman
"An old man in a chair"

Vernon Coleman 2021-03-22 Fighting for Our Lives - We Must Unite
33 min 10 sec - [AVC 480p AAC .mp4] + [128 kbps .mp3]

English-language subtitles from careful transcription. Computer-translated subtitles
in about 125 languages (by Yandex, Google, Baidu, MsBing)

Dr Coleman:
"... I am a little weary; tired of being used as a punch-bag
by every truth-hating, cowardly, bigoted, fascist pro-vaxxer
who thinks it's acceptable to ignore the science
and demonise someone who's trying to help share the truth
and oppose the enemies of freedom, democracy and humanity.

And indeed, tired of being abused by some who claim to be on our side
but whose narrow-minded bigotry blinds them to the big picture
and what we have to do to win this war."

1 There is no PANDEMIC.
2 Lockdowns, MASKS, social distancing etc. are only for producing submission and
3 The PCR covid TEST is ridiculously useless. (The PCR creator says it's not for
diagnostic use.)
4 No VACCINE is even needed, for a disease no more lethal than the flu. But, there's
nothing more seriously wrong with the covid-19 vaccines than their potential for
extinguishing the human race. Maybe that's the intention.

***** "Distrust the Government. Avoid mass media. Fight the lies." *****