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Vernon Coleman 2021-02-26 Let's Dump the Queen and Royal Family-130 languages

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Dr Vernon Coleman
"An old man in a chair"

Vernon Coleman 2021-02-26 Let's Dump the Poison Filled Queen and the Rest of the Wretched Royal Family
11 min 13 sec - [AVC 480p AAC .mp4] + [128 kbps .mp3]

English-language subtitles from careful transcription. Computer-translated subtitles
in about 130 languages (by Yandex, Google, Baidu, MsBing)

Added: a news story from the day of posting this torrent, suggesting that a thousand years
of tradition will not be easily discarded.
Dr Coleman:
"On Thursday 25th February 2021, the queen called millions of people selfish because they refuse
to take an experimental, untested, unnecessary and deadly vaccine. She's either an unbelievably
ignorant, batty old crone or part of the lying, evil cabal determined to take over the world and kill
millions of us."

Dr Coleman's essential message:
1. There isn't and never was a corona virus PANDEMIC.
2. LOCKDOWNS, MASKS, social distancing etc. are unhelpful but very harmful.
3. The PCR TEST is dishonest and repudiated for diagnosis by its creator.
4. No VACCINE is needed, which is good because there has never been a successful
vaccine for any corona virus, and the current "vaccines" aren't vaccines at all.

***** "Distrust the Government. Avoid mass media. Fight the lies." *****