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Vernon Coleman 2020-12-16 Here's What Will Happen Next... 130 languages

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Dr Vernon Coleman
"An old man in a chair"

Vernon Coleman 2020-12-16 Here's What Will Happen Next...
13 min 25 sec - mp4 (AVC-AAC)

English-language subtitles from careful transcription. Computer-translated
subtitles in ABOUT 130 LANGUAGES (Yandex, Google, MsBing, Baidu)

This video could serve as a New Year's observance, with more forecasts
for the year to come than review of the year now ending.

Dr Coleman:
"The vicissitudes which destroyed 2020 were not accidental or God-given.
They were deliberately manufactured by people whose evil is greater
than that of any others in history." ... "The architects of the false plague
of 2020 are truly the most wicked people...."
"Not content with taking control of every aspect of our lives, they want
to take our freedom, our democracy and our right to free speech,
And they also want to steal our souls. This is the Great Reset,
the new normal, the New World Order of which Prince Charles and others
speak with such enthusiasm."
"The awful thing is that although 2020 was bad, 2021 will be far worse."
"The first thing is that they will blame Christmas for a host of new laws,
and they are going to blame us, of course." ... "What they will not admit,
of course, is that the increased death rate will be due to the masks and
the experimental vaccine, rather than any disease."
"So, what will happen next year?
First, there will be tougher lockdowns and tougher tiers."
"Second ... they will tell us we have to wear masks out of doors."
"Third, we will have to produce a certificate of testing
  before we are allowed into the supermarket or the post office."
"Fourth, the rules about travel will be tighter. Wearing a mask will not be
  enough. Air travellers already need a certificate to show they have been
  tested and are not infected."
"Fifth, they will make us wear masks in our own homes if we have visitors."
"Sixth, the clampdown on demonstrations will be hotted up. People
  organising demonstrations will go to prison." ... "They want to push us into
  civil unrest, so that they can bring in martial law."
"Seventh, you will not be able to go into a shop – any shop – without giving
  your ID.
Eighth, the suppression of the truth will be even more intense."
  "It is the pro-vaxxers who lie and deceive and cheat. And so they gaslight.
  They accuse us of doing the terrible things of which they are guilty."
"Ninth, they will clamp down still further on the internet. Already, they've
  persuaded the big players on the internet to remove any truthful material
  about vaccines or covid-19." ... "Soon they will start removing everything
  that is not pure pro-propaganda." ... "If that does not work, they will just
  start killing off the dissenting voices."
"Tenth, they will continue to cull the elderly, the sick and the disabled.
  The deaths will be blamed on the imaginary plague...."
"Eleventh, schools will shut for longer and longer periods."
"Twelfth, the [National Health Service] will continue to be unfit for purpose.
  Death rates will soar, as people who have been denied tests, surgery and
  essential treatment will die of cancer or heart disease."
"If this all sounds horrendous, then it will be. And that is just the beginning.
They have worse, far worse, planned for us for the later part of 2021. ...
And unless you help fight the evil, then we will lose. We will lose everything
we hold dear."