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Vernon Coleman 2020-12-15 Is This the Last Christmas They'll Let Us Have?

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Dr Vernon Coleman
"An old man in a chair"

16 min 21 sec - mp4 (AVC-AAC)

English-language subtitles from careful transcription. Computer-translated
subtitles in ABOUT 135 LANGUAGES, (Yandex, Google, MsBing, Baidu)
Please post a message if any translation is egregiously awful.

(Does anybody care about the translations? Am I wasting my effort?)

Dr Coleman's words:
"Our religious leaders have betrayed us this year, and the disdain and contempt
they have for us has clearly spread downwards."

"The other day, I went into a large church which I've visited dozens of times.
As I entered, a man came hurtling towards me.... "You can't come in," he said.
"I'll be gone in two minutes. Just a candle and a short prayer."
I realised, with some slight embarrassment, that tears were pouring
down my cheeks.
"No," he said, with all the compassion of a government minister –
or a vaccine salesman. "You have to leave."
So I left. And I'll never go into a church again."
"I'm not mad or paranoid, but I know enough to know
that everything that's happening to us was planned, meticulously.
The world hasn't gone mad, and the politicians aren't behaving badly or stupidly.
Everything that's happened since February, 2020, has been deliberate.
It's all been planned."
"...Ferguson was chosen to make the predictions because his past record
at predicting is appalling."
"...Hancock was made Minister of Life and Death because he is a half-wit
whose blathering incompetence creates confusion, bewilderment and fear."
"...Whitty and Vallance got to destroy our lives in the UK because they both
have links to powers that want to destroy every aspect of our world."
"More lies have been told about covid-19 than have ever been told
about anything ever before. These haven't been small mistakes.
They've been huge, monumental lies. Everything they've said and predicted
has been wrong.
No one could be as stupid as our politicians and their advisers appear to be.
Just why doctors, nurses, journalists believe this nonsense is a mystery."
"If the collaborators, the people who blindly and stupidly put on their deadly
masks and volunteer to be tested had used their brains and refused to obey
pointless and scientifically unjustifiable orders from a totalitarian government
and its small army of advisers, the lockdown would have never been introduced,
and England would have quickly got back to the "old" normal,
rather than taking another step towards the "new" normal,
which will result in a complete loss of freedom."
"The world is now corrupt, almost beyond comprehension.
And I'm appalled at how many people continue to obey laws which they know
are mad, bad and dangerous." ... "It's people like that, cowards to be frank,
who are enabling the politicians and their advisers. They're collaborators,
and they're contemptible. And day by day the net is tightening."
"[Travel destinations are] demanding proof that you had a test
that just about every sane doctor in the world knows is utterly useless.
It's institutionalized hysteria."
" MP called Oliver Dowden, in the UK, stated that and I quote,
'the Government is not censoring those who have criticisms
about the approach the Government is taking'...." ...
"We are free to disagree in the privacy of our own bathrooms.
Thanks, Olly. What a treat."
" 'Long covid' is, I believe, another part of the psychological operation
to scare us.
"And here's a quote to cherish. It's from the British Medical Journal.
I quote: 'Politicians and governments are suppressing science.'
Close quote. Abso-bloody-lutely."
"This is worse than any war. It's not what is happening now. It's what
is going to happen next year and in the years to come. They want us
to be completely controlled by December 2021. Unless we fight harder,
there won't be any more Christmases.
Christmas doesn't fit into their plans, nor do individual religions, such as
Christianity. They want one world government and a one-world religion.
The United Nations, the World Economic Forum and governments everywhere
will be celebrating this Christmas, because they've pulled off the biggest
hoax in history, and they have no intention of backing down now."
[1] There is no plague.
[2] The masks, the social distancing are to control us and to teach us
to be compliant.
[3] The tests are worse than useless.
[4] The vaccine isn't needed."