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Vernon Coleman 2020-08-30 ...virus has destroyed health care 150 languages

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Dr Vernon Coleman
"An old man in a chair"

Vernon Coleman 2020-08-30 How the Coronavirus Has Permanently Destroyed Health Care
2020-08-30 - 21 min 21 sec - mp4 (AVC-AAC)

English-language subtitles from mostly-careful transcription.
Computer-translated subtitles in ABOUT 150 LANGUAGES,
(Yandex, Google, MsBing, Baidu)

Dr Coleman:
"Today, elderly patients are routinely left to die unfed, unwashed
and without fluids. In the UK, it's a government-approved
programme for the "care" of the elderly."

"The truth is that video consultations are pretty useless and
very dangerous."

"Hospitals and general practices are managed by people
who don't understand the first thing about medicine."

"The outstanding legal claims in the NHS had reached
85 BILLION pounds before the coronavirus fiasco hit,
and left patients untreated and uncared for.
Untold thousands of patients will be entitled to sue
and demand huge damages as a result of the coronavirus
hoax, now better referred to as a fraud."

"...waiting lists of all kinds were and are deliberately
created by doctors, to enhance their private incomes."

"...the modern history of medicine Is a deadly tale
of indifference, incompetence, greed and selfishness."

" are deteriorating and ... some services,
such as dentistry, look likely to be abandoned completely.
The future, I fear, is bleak. Thanks to the coronavirus hoax,
health care is set to deteriorate even faster than before."

" programmes have been improving.
They're now being fitted into robot physicians and surgeons.
In ten years' time, there'll be very few jobs for human doctors."

"This has not happened by accident. It's all part of the
United Nations' global plan for the future – Agenda 21.
We're now living in the future THEY designed for us.
And unless we speak up, soon and loudly, the future
will simply get bleaker and bleaker."


When allopathic "doctors" are 'integrated' with ALL modalities, not just those "licensed" by the medical murder association, then we can say the monopoly has been bused... else we need an anti-trust lawsuit against this abomination and the medical insurance industry that will only pay for hack-slash-burn-poison remediies of allopathic "medicine" (war on dis-ease) and the "legalized" drug cartel of the pharmaceutical industry.