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Vernon Coleman 2020-07-03 Just a Little Prick (Part One)manysubs

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Dr Vernon Coleman
"An old man in a chair"

2020-07-03 - 30 min 53 sec - mp4 (AVC-AAC)

English-language subtitles from careful transcription.
Computer-translated subtitles in ABOUT 125 LANGUAGES,
(Yandex, Google and MsBing)

[In the latest NeedToKnow.News, it is reported that after
Gates-promoted wide-scale vaccinations, a plague of polio
is now sweeping Africa.]

Dr Coleman:
"Welcome to ... "Just a Little Prick", the unauthorised Bill Gates story.
Obviously, the term "little prick" refers to what happens when you
have an injection, and is naturally in no way meant in a pejorative
way. Heaven forbid. If I were to be rude about Mr Gates, his friends
at The Guardian and the BBC would doubtless need to be revived
with smelling salts.
"In the first episode of "Just a Little Prick", I dealt with a few
of Mr Gates's connections, aspirations and investments. But I made it
clear that he and his wife seem to have one first love: vaccines."

"Gates seems to me keen to take control of every aspect of our lives."

"He is terrifyingly keen on giving his experimental vaccine to billions
of people – ideally to the whole population of the planet."

"There are, of course, those who are concerned that Gates’s mass
vaccination programme is part of his plan to reduce the world’s
population to 500 million or so...."

"... the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has invested in a company
called Monsanto. I have always regarded Monsanto as the most evil
company on the planet...."

"... I’d rather ask Donald Trump to hold my wallet than ask Bill Gates
to hold my identity."

"He has colourfully described the vaccine for covid-19 as the 'final

"Injecting 7 billion people with an experimental vaccine sounds to me
like a potential recipe for a disaster previously unknown on the planet."