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Vernon Coleman 2020-05-30 Coronavirus How They Deliberately Terrified Us

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Dr Vernon Coleman
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Vernon Coleman 2020-05-30 Coronavirus How They Deliberately Terrified Us
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"This is the true story of how a government threatened, manipulated and
deliberately terrified its citizens for a bug they knew was no worse than the flu."

[On 2020-March-19, the coronavirus was officially downgraded to the same
category as influenza.] "... the Government was already planning to put
huge chunks of the nation under house arrest."
"And then the Emergency Bill was passed by a compliant House of Commons
which gave Comrade Boris and his bunch of ministers and advisors more power
than any government has ever had in Britain."
"... the flu-type bug was used as a weapon to trigger a coup that would give
the Government total control over the people."

"...the Government was advised to control the way we think and to manipulate
the way we behave. In the end, I think our politicians and their advisers
deliberately set out to create mass hysteria."

Quotes from the document "Options for increasing adherence to social distancing
measures" from the Scientific Pandemic Influenza Group on Behaviour:

"First, under the heading 'Perceived threat':
'A substantial number of people still do not feel sufficiently personally threatened.'
... 'The perceived level of personal threat needs to be increased among those
who are complacent, using hard-hitting emotional messaging.' "

"Second, under the heading 'Incentivisation', the Government's advisers wrote,
open quotes: 'Communication strategies should provide social approval for desired
behaviours and promote social approval within the community.' "
"The other side of that coin ... is that people who behaved inappropriately,
and who preferred to be guided by the facts, would be demonised and shunned."

"Third, under the heading 'Coercion', the advisers we paid for said, open quotes:
'Consideration should be given to the use of social disapproval...'
Let's hope that some of the unfortunate souls who suffered because they forgot
to go out and clap on Thursday evenings will eventually get over the harassment
and abuse they no doubt received from their neighbours."

"Fourth, under the heading 'Enablement', the behavioural scientists pointed out
that the public were being asked to give up valued activities and access
to resources for an extended period, and suggested ... compensation..."

"And so, in response to this advice, Boris Johnson's Government deliberately terrified
the voters because of a flu bug and allowed them access to food. It's no doubt
in my mind that Comrade Boris's behaviour has been criminal." [because:]
[1] "...hundreds of thousands of citizens have been terrified out of their wits....
there will be a pandemic of mental illness and suicide."
[2] "...the level of terror is so great that many people are unwilling to go to hospital when
they're ill. Parents won't let their children go to school, and teachers won't teach them."
... "The economic and social consequences will push Britain back centuries.
Civilisation as we know it has been wrecked,..."
[3] "... the people in charge of our hospitals ... still seem to believe that the coronavirus
is as deadly as ebola or the plague. Have they, too, been manipulated into a state
of terror?" "...operations are still being cancelled" ... [the] "health system ... seems
irrationally obsessed by the coronavirus."

"It's no wonder that the British government has exaggerated the number of deaths
from the coronavirus. They must now be desperate that the truth never comes out."