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Vaxxed II The Peoples Truth (2019) [large filesize]

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An exploration into a possible link between various vaccinations and illness, injury, and death.


I was working on creating this torrent and alex jones torrents the last 2 days, did you read my mind? Oh well, I'm still going to finish preparing mine. I'm feeling like the matrix must be real now.

I rented Vaxxed 2 the other week but couldn't find a way to rip it. Glad you guys did! Thanks for the upload.

I've had experiences where I felt like I met alternate or future selves of mine. I also think we can access greater mind or intuition outside of materialistic understanding of the brain or beyond commonly understood physics. As a people we're seeking out now where we were more complacent before; exciting times.

Similar to facebook, I hate reddit but have been putting in some time posting to get the word out there too. Dealing with all sorts of rules; resizing images, formatting titles in accepted ways, "flair" like in Office Space lol. URL strings were instant blocked, then images (which I was using to get text through), and you can't post without maintaining "karma". Social credit system in action.

I welcome other or better versions of content, and thanks for your uploads too :)

Both these are currently free on youtube; I suggest sharing these links on facebook as it's the only way some people are ever going to watch them.

Fucking heartbreaking. I went to a showing of Vaxxed 2 and wept openly at the Colton Berrett interview, because I knew what happened after. What a beautiful soul, he didn't deserve what happened to him. I will never shut up, I will never stop telling the truth, I don't care if I lose friends and I don't care who thinks I'm crazy, that kid deserves justice.

Thanks for those links. The Vaxxed 2 on YouTube was overdubbed in German, but there may be other copies around and about. The copy I am watching right now looks like a screen recording with closed captions turned on.

There are many shocking stories in this documentary. Colton Berrett's is one of the most dramatic because of the physical injuries.

I gave up trying to share information on Facebook because so many people, family members included, are so adamantly opposed to information like what is shared in Vaxxed. It triggers really deep emotions for people for some reason. I pretty much hate Facebook but I have one and look at the timeline once or twice a day.