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VATICAN BLACKOUT: Pope arrested on 80 count indictment for Child Trafficking, Fraud

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VATICAN BLACKOUT: Pope arrested on 80 count indictment for Child Trafficking, Fraud

if this is NOT true, it should be for subject of this article:
Pope to be vaccinated against Covid next week, labels opposition to jabs ‘suicidal denial’, 9 Jan, 2021 16:12 (another fake jab? if it was so "safe" why all these showy vaxx announcements? what other vaxx had to be sold so heavny-handedly that it needed politicians, actors and popes to put on such a show?)

so, can anyone verify the following? (its listed as an "opinion" piece on the following Canadian website):

VATICAN BLACKOUT: Pope arrested on 80 count indictment for Child Trafficking, Fraud
UPDATE: It appears that Pope Francis tweeted out this morning, however Conservative Beaver has confirmed Pope Francis has a social media team that schedules his posts, and this one was pre-planned. If you click on the tweet, you can see TweetDeck was used to schedule the post.
Pope Francis is still in Federal Custody in Italy, hence, he has not been seen on video. The FBI are enroute for the interrogation, according to sources.

VATICAN / ITALY – Pope Francis aka Jorge Mario Bergoglio was arrested Saturday in connection with an 80- count indictment of charges including possession of child pornography, human trafficking, incest, possession of drug paraphernalia and felony fraud.

#Vatican is using dark mode #blackout
— 'Big Daddy' Vin (@vinsinners) January 10, 2021

What's going on with these blackouts… including the Vatican?
— Tim Young (@TimRunsHisMouth) January 10, 2021

The Italian National Prosecutor’s Office confirmed it ordered the arrests, and filed the charges.
Man arrested on drug charges now facing 63 additional charges including child porn, human trafficking in Limestone County

Military officers, Italian police, and their Sex Crimes Unit went to the pope’s home in the Vatican, they arrested him and several other high ranking officials, and placed them all under arrest without incident. People near the scene have reported hearing gunshots, but the Police would not confirm if they were the ones firing the weapons.

Pope Francis is currently being held in an unknown prison, being interrogated by Federal Agents working for the state of Italy and Interpol. The FBI is reportedly making arrangements to fly in and interrogate him once Interpol is done with him.

Giuseppe Governale, Italy’s chief anti-mafia prosecutor, was called in early into the investigation into Pope Francis and others within the Vatican. He said the group was “underestimated” and particularly dangerous because of its ability to proliferate across nations and infiltrate them.

“These individuals are truly the worst of the worst in society. I can promise you, we will not stop targeting human trafficking until we put a stop to this despicable trade in the Vatican and Italy, as well as surrounding countries around Europe. While I am a lead prosecutor in Italy, my department will strive to protect our citizens, especially those that need us most, our children”.
Giuseppe Governale

In order to make the arrest, police and military agents had to cut off the power in the Vatican, as well as dim the live cam. This was noticed by web-sleuths, who quickly became suspicious of what was happening in the Vatican.

BREAKING ALERT: Following a nation-wide #blackout in Pakistan, there is now a widespread blackout at the Vatican.
— anoncat🐈‍⬛🏴 (@anoncatnews) January 10, 2021

BREAKING: The Vatican is going through a blackout.
— 🇮🇱הנותרים🇮🇱 (@Remaining33) January 10, 2021

Some people speculated the Pope could be the “first arrest.” And it appears they were right in their speculation. According to the Interpol agents, this is the “first out of many.”
Maybe the Pope will be the first arrest that will shock the world.
— Dennisse (@DennisseLisseth) January 10, 2021

The judge has imposed a EU wide publication ban. Fortunately, the ban doesn’t affect Canada or the US, and the Conservative Beaver received the exclusive scoop for this story via a confidential Italian contact.
Google is delisting results! Be the first to tell the world the TRUTH! Share this article NOW!


Either way, who would make something like this up?!

Also - celibacy creates sexual perversion. The Catholic Church is crumbling.

uh no, canadians are under attack for making up anti-pope stuff!

closing ranks and defending your Canadian conservative bros? I understand, and empathize.
obviously, I'm with you in sentiment that its a believable possibility if you read Tupper Saucy or Eric Jon Phelps' anti-jesuit/anti-vatican books (which are probably here on concen)
But in all seriousness, a friend of mine used to be a huge conspiracy researcher, studied all the anti-catholic and bloodline of the grail type material and then goes and becomes a Franciscan monk (a catholic order for protecting the lives of the unborn). He lives in a Minnesota county were the arch diocese is currently in bankruptcy because of the avalanche of sex abuse lawsuits, but now is a "true believer" in the "faith"? Just goes to illustrate that "belief", a need to defend ones "brothers" and a strong need to belong to a "group" are sometimes more powerful than common sense, logic and the truth.
Saw something funny passed along from flakebook in closing: (could be done for any group, political/sports teams, religions, etc.)

fuck me pink

this originated on conservativebeaver which is a SATIRE website like the Onion... fuck
this really is the age we live in now. where people cannot tell between satire and real shit

that's rich! now I gotta go back and read more there.

Need to check the Onion now to see what great stuff they've been posting lately. need more humor during this never-ending election superbowl of political craziness.

The Democrat-Big Tech censorship alliance just ran a masterclass in media control for dictators around the world



That didn't happen.

Where did you get this post 2009 veterans today?

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