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Valle-Semper Fidelis(memoirs of US marine general)(1976)

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This is Pedro A. Del Valle's amazing book Semper Fidelis - An Autobiography (1976) which presents the fascinating memoirs of this legendary US marine general. Lt. Gen. Pedro Augusto del Valle (1893-1978) was a United States Marine Corps officer who became the first Hispanic to reach the rank of Lieutenant General. His military career included service in World War I, Haiti and Nicaragua during the Banana Wars of the 1920s, and in the seizure of Guadalcanal and later as Commanding General of the 1st Marine Division during World War II. After retiring from the Marine Corps, del Valle worked as a representative of ITT in the company's office in Cairo, Egypt. After some time with the company he was named president of ITT for all South America in Buenos Aires, Argentina, a position that he held until 1951. Believing that the United States was in danger of a communist threat, del Valle tried to convince the CIA and Department of Defense to form a vigilante minuteman group. He also believed that the CIA should operate behind Russian and Chinese lines. After his ideas were turned down, he decided to form his own group the "Defenders of the American Constitution" (DAC). DAC's main goal was to purge the United States of any communist influence. The idea behind the group was to organize the citizens in each state as vigilantes against sabotage and other forms of treason, then link them up in some national headquarters. On April 12, 1961, del Valle invoked The Protocols of the Elders of Zion during a speech before the United States Daughters of 1812, in an attempt to prove that Communism and Socialism were introduced to Russia by an "Invisible Government" whose intention was to destroy that country. Del Valle also belonged to a group known as the Sons of Liberty, established in 1967 in Annapolis, Maryland and named after the secret patriotic society which directed the actions of the Boston Tea Party on December 13, 1773. Semper Fidelis is a unique recollection of an embittered US marine general who after decades spent in constant war became convinced that his country is on the downfall and decided to do something about it. 210 pages. A must read for everyone.