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Valdamar Valerian Matrix V - Volume II & III PDF & HD JP2 Files Included

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My apologies for not having an explanation (here). I assume that if you downloaded the other set - then you must have done your research, and see how important this information actually is. :)


Thank you very much indeed for cleaning up and uploading this EXTREMELLY esoteric extraterrestrial teachings. With this last pack..are all the books here? Will you have to upload something else on this topic? You have rendered a great service to Humanity reviving these books!

This is the last of the series [that I know of]. Infranview wouldn't convert these .jp2 files in order for me to create higher quality PDF files from them - that's why I added them here... So you all could find a way and share if you can get them converted. I'll be adding more items such as this in coming days :)