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Val Valerian - Matrix Series 1 thru 4

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Succinct Introduction:

Val Valerian The MATRIX #1

The author –Illustrated consciousness and the hierarchy consciousness evolving- ETs interacting with us. The different ETs – implants from ETs and government many different cases – mind control – the origins of the ETs.

Val Valerian The MATRIX #2,

The author – Illustrated Abductions – Implants –Dr. Carl Saunders on monitoring devices underground bases – space babies, etc.

Val Valerian The MATRIX #3,

Illustrated Australian Secret Bases, Pine Gap, circuits of the brain, chakras and mind wars.

Val Valerian The MATRIX #4,

Microwaves, cellular phones, ELF waves, mind control, working on brain anti-matter universe, Psychotronics giant satues found all over the world, Lemaria- Marduk – Nephilm, - the Sphinx and pyramids.


Elaborate Introduction:




The Abduction and Manipulation of Humans

Using Advanced Technology

Authored by Val Valerian, Third Edition, 661 pages, index, 8 1/2 by 11 Velo Bound, Leading Edge Research Group, 1990/1991. Even now, this book is perhaps the most influential piece of work that has ever appeared on the planet on the subject of the alien-human interaction issue. It represents the first major work ever published that demonstrated a no-holds-barred approach to revealing what was really going on with the government, underground bases and alien factions. At the time, a lot of people were in denial that what was in the book could possibly be true. Now, years later, it is commonly recognized as the most forthright examination of many core issues, such as abduction by military and alien factions. To date, Matrix II remains the original work that covered these issues in detail - details that no other author would touch. Containing all the information people were denying in the early 1990's, it encompasses an extraordinary range of data that includes precedent-setting research on human abductions by both government and alien forces - material that other authors will not speak of and what publishers will now allow themselves to print.

Valerian weaves a wide range of interrelated material into a literary experience that will rock you to the core of your very being - including expansion of your consciousness as a side benefit. Included within the book is a wide-spectrum chronological database, a large section of hypothetical analysis of the alien situation by the Nexus Seven, data and updates on underground bases at Dulce and the Nevada Test Site, a large number of illustrations, maps and charts detailing activity sites, underground installations and tunnel networks, and a commentary by John Lear, Robert Lazar and host of other researchers. Valerian takes us through the gambit of how, why and whom humans are manipulated, information about government connections to the abductions process, post-abduction problems, and the things that the abductee can do.

The book is the first to adequately relate research on memory functions relative to the abductions process, virtual reality machines and so-called Reichian programming and mind control by human and alien manipulators. It also discusses the abduction of human children and how to handle the adjustment of the child to the experience, multi-generational abduction scenarios and cases, human multidimensional anatomy and how it can be manipulated by technology. There is more information in this book about the Greys then there is in probably any book existing on the planet, with additional data on the dominant reptilian species. There are implant devices, as well as technical data gleaned from analysis of both government and alien implant devices during 1991. This book contributed toward the beginning of the eventual death-knell for planetary domination systems and its accompanying social control systems (which are expanded on in Matrix III).

It spelled the end of classical "ufology". Through this book, we can see how alien interaction has affected wave after wave of civilization on this planet, injecting elements of adverse technology and mind control (again expanded on in Matrix III), and how the suppression of human awareness is being performed and supported. Matrix II is an absolute must to have in your library. It remains the best book on the planet on the subject, and will probably replace all your other books that cover this paradigm.


The Psychosocial, Chemical, Biological and
Electromagnetic Manipulation of Human Consciousness

Authored by Val Valerian, 913 pages, 1,540 item index, 8 1/2 by 11 Velo Bound, Leading Edge Research Group, 1992. Volume One begins the journey detailing how the consciousness of human beings is being modified by psychological and social institutions, specific chemicals added to the food, water and environment, and how the tactical aspects of chemical, biological and electromagnetic warfare are being implemented in order to support the aims of the planetary power structure known as the New World Order. The two-volume 1,900-page work called Matrix III is perhaps the only work on the planet to this day that completely investigates the motives, methods, aims and origins of the technocratic society we live in today. More information than you could accumulate in a lifetime of research trying to figure it out. Volume One begins the journey detailing how the consciousness of human beings is being modified by psychological and social institutions, specific chemicals added to the food, water and environment, and how the tactical aspects of chemical, biological and electromagnetic warfare are being implemented in order to support the aims of the planetary power structure known as the New World Order.

The book begins with a section familiarizing the reader with basic scientific terminology related to the subjects discussed in the two-volume series, beginning with discussions of the concepts of resonance, oscillation, vibration and frequency, and moves rapidly into discussions about human auric band structures and their frequencies, as well as those involved in telepathic interaction. Matrix III Volume One begins the discussion on electromagnetics with a review of the natural electromagnetic fields of the planet, the holographic aspects of the universe and consciousness, the morphological fields set forth by Dr. Rupert Shedrake, and continues on with hard-to-find data on the human brain and neurophysiology, as well as brain structures and their relationship to levels of consciousness and behavior. The psychosocial aspects of human society are discussed in detail, with emphasis on the nature of belief systems, perception, and the socially sanctioned programming involving the ego functions of security, sensation and power. The book discusses four ascending levels of social manipulation, including detailed data on consciousness, genetics, and manipulation of human consciousness from outside the physical realm and beyond.

Matrix III Volume One begins the initial discussion of the various elements of population control through the deliberate misuse of biological organisms, all the way from the very concept of disease to the covert production of biological weapons under the guise of various government programs. Incredible data. There are sections discussing biological warfare, a beginning treatise on the nature of the immune system (carried to further detail in the second volume), a short review of the paradigm of vaccination (also brought into deeper focus in the second volume), a discussion of the spread of neural fungi, zoonotic diseases and veterinary biology, viruses (both human and non-human), and revealing data on who runs the major drug and chemical companies and just how interconnected it all is.

The section on electromagnetic mind control in Matrix III Volume One has no equal anywhere in the world. The groundwork is covered in relation to the use of the electromagnetic spectrum, the deliberate historical suppression of the hyperspacial nature of electromagnetics (the so-called Hertzian Conspiracy), and a host of data on advanced mind control applications that goes far beyond anything you have ever seen before. It is this material which brought this book into planetary popularity.

The book discusses the new electronic networks, the secret behind the use of the cellular telephone systems, mind control projects (two pages of projects are listed), and the manipulation of the earth grid. There is more data on the Montauk projects than any single book in existence, including the individual books released years later. Interspaced with all of this data, there is a host of supplementary material, interviews and revealing information. The apparent plans for total planetary domination, economic and otherwise, are discussed, including plans for a one-world religious control system, the objectives of electronic mind control and the GWEN system, schools of thought contributing to the mind control paradigm, and research.


The Psychosocial, Chemical, Biological and
Electromagnetic Manipulation of Human Consciousness

Authored by Val Valerian, 1014 pages, index, 8 1/2 by 11 Velo Bound, Leading Edge Research Group, 1995. Matrix III Volume 2 explores the progression of science, biology and sociology into a materialist paradigm and its eventual degradation into political systems which form the basis of all control paradigms, wars and human conflict, and answers the questions: what is the nature of the two paradigms that collided at Waco, Texas? What are the premises that have resulted in continuous ethnic cleansing, genocide, and the development of the allopathic biomedical approach to health? What paradigms must the human civilization embrace if it is to survive? What lessons can human civilization learn from observing nature? Valerian explores these ideas and more, with in-depth discussions of the ideas of Newton, Darwin, Hobbes, Malthus and other influential people, as well as the processes of conversion of these ideas into political, sociological and psychological control systems. For anyone who wonders exactly how Western Civilization ever got into the position it is in today, the answer lies within the pages of this work. This book not only extends the research delineated in the first volume, but constitutes a superbly referenced exploration into the nature of the paradigm itself.

Matrix III Volume 2 begins with a review of key people, ideas and belief systems, tracing their development from aboriginal times to the present, and the merging of these systems into a Western world view that not only promotes the degradation of the human civilization, but promotes elitism and control-manipulation paradigms which surround use and underlie everything we see around us today.

Matrix III Volume 2 then uses its own exploration of the current elements of the paradigm, superbly cited and referenced, to provide absolute proof of the intentionality to follow the ideas and thought patterns discussed at the beginning of the book. After two years of work, this book is perhaps the best technical production to come forth from Leading Edge Research. Despite the common focus on people as the problem, Valerian makes the point that it is the paradigm which needs attention, the same paradigm superficially examined at Nuremberg but left to fester and expand into a network of suppression fostered by global socialism, the basic cause of human suffering worldwide. Valerian includes in the work a linear analysis of chronologically parallel developments, over 200 pages long, which serve to illustrate the integration of various modes of subversion of the human civilization over the last 1,500 years. The main body of the book, over 700 pages, discusses the implementation of the paradigm, and includes information in one volume that you would normally find in a dozen works. Matrix III Volume 2 is broken down into about 19 major chapters, and several large appendices. It includes a fairly large section on biological effects of electromagnetic fields, itself with about 200 references, an appendix with over 100 media exhibits, and of course the master chronology. It also includes the now world-famous Conversations With Research Scientists. Chapter headings include Production of Mass Behavioral and Neurological Problems Using Vaccination to Increase Social Control, Gulf War Syndrome and Other Biological Problems, and Transition from Mechanistic to Quantum Society.

This work, which is over 375,000 words, seems to make the point that, in the words of Valerian, “we need a New World Community, not a New World Order.” It makes it quite evident that the planetary population has been led astray by a sequence of false scientific assumptions, what the assumptions are, and, following the example of nature and ideas suppressed, what the true nature of society needs to be in order to transcend and survive the current planetary crisis. One easily comes to the conclusion that this second volume of Matrix III embodies knowledge that you could not accumulate through 50 other books, if you could get hold of them. It is a searing examination of the psycho-social, biological, and medical paradigms being falsely promoted as the only definitive reality for public consumption. If you know people who seem to think that answers lie totally in political and religious belief systems, genetics, violence, or just need to get it together in record time, this book is a must. Now, the paradigm covered by Matrix III is embodied in 1,931 pages, in two volumes, and is an absolute must to have in your library, if you wish to totally comprehend the reality in which we are living, and where we must go as a civilization.



VALDAMAR VALERIAN - The Equivideum -- Paradigms and Dimensions of Human
Evolution and Consciousness -1100 P. - 1994

Matrix IV presents a functional basis from which to evaluate everything you believe, think, read, who you are and where you think you and everyone else are going--not trying to convince you of anything, but presenting material that will profoundly affect your life. The book covers: mind, awareness, sacred geometry, the geometry of consciousness; perception and the brain; human history (past & future), spiritual thought & more. Matrix IV brings to light information that is so suppressed-that it is sure to be one of the most dangerous books ever written - dangerous in terms of it's freeing power over the human soul and its ability to assist the reader to explore life and move forward. For those of you who thought the previous Matrix works were great, Matrix IV outdoes
them all. Through the vast knowledge in this book, the reader will be able to evaluate all other literature, self-help programs, and control paradigms with crystal-clear awareness. The book features the Flower of Life paradigm, with it's unique approach to consciousness and sacred geometry. It pays special attention to Terrance McKenna's theory of fractalization of history and the time-wave equations of Peter Meyer, with a wide range of time-wave graphs covering 1993-2012. Also featured, the work of mathematician / climatologist Iben Browning relative to earth's future; the interpretations of Lemesurier on the future of the human species based on the structure of the Pyramid of Giza; group studies (5000 + people) on future life projection into the next millennium
(1990-2500 A.D.); the work of Robert Monroe and what he found relative to the period after 3000 A.D., describing dimensional realities of entrapment, why it occurs, and how to avoid it; and a variety of charts and diagrams on : evaluation of literature, levels of consciousness and existence, levels of energy transfer; synchronicity and quantum relationships, and the physics behind non-causality. Also discussed : unified -field theory and Tachyon- Delton - Muon physics. The book discusses the paradigm of the Maya and even integrates McKenna's time-wave work into a series of graphs amplifying the Mayan linear paradigm, including historical descriptions and info. relative to Hopi and other American Indian tribes. Matrix IV covers dimensional shifting; polar shifting and dimensional interface; Includes material which essentially provides you the reader with the biological, psychological, and spiritual keys to the physical universe and beyond. Includes an anthology of Eastern and Western adeptship materials.