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Val Valerian - Matrix Series 1-4

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Val Valerian The MATRIX #1

The author ?Illustrated consciousness and the hierarchy consciousness evolving- ETs interacting with us. The different ETs implants from ETs and government many different cases mind control the origins of the ETs.

Val Valerian The MATRIX #2,

The author ? Illustrated Abductions Implants Dr. Carl Saunders on monitoring devices underground bases space babies, etc.

Val Valerian The MATRIX #3,

Illustrated Australian Secret Bases, Pine Gap, circuits of the brain, chakras and mind wars.

Val Valerian The MATRIX #4,

Microwaves, cellular phones, ELF waves, mind control, working on brain anti-matter universe, Psychotronics giant satues found all over the world, Lemaria- Marduk Nephilm, - the Sphinx and pyramids.