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The Truth Behind Vaccinations
Vaccinations are not safe on the contrary they are very dangerous.

In this video, several Pediatricians, Doctors and scientist debunk the myth that vaccines are safe and good for us.
They discuss how there is an unsaid “law that vaccines are good for us”
and there there just isn’t enough science to back the claim that vaccines work.
This is a collection of several documentaries compiled into one, like Silence on Vaccines and The Greater Good.

Donald Trump is the only presidential candidate willing to tell the truth about vaccines.
In a series of tweets made in September 2014, the presidential candidate expressed concerns
about administering vaccines to children in large doses.
He suggested that administering vaccines in small doses over time might be able to reduce autism rates in children.
Trump stated elsewhere that autism is an epidemic, and that the link between vaccines and the disease is real.
Meanwhile, other presidential candidates claim that vaccines are harmless.
The debate isn’t centered on whether vaccines are safe, but whether they should be a choice or mandatory.

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