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USWGO Talk radio: Historical Very Important speech regarding World Government, parasites eating America from inside, and Antichrist

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Brian D. Hill of USWGO ( gave an important, historical, and greatest verbal speeches against the Obama Administration and against the New World Order scheme.

Brian D. Hill has studied for years how this new world order scheme has begun, examined a lot of data, and has compiled many evidence on his website about claims he made.

Brian D. Hill is taking the fight to the next level and sent a warning to the president that he will monitor his activities more and watch if he decides to blow up another Oil Rig or cause another incident such as the Racist LA Teacher and the Northern Front Revolutionaries.

He tells the whole world that the CIA, Congress, and pretty much all functions of government have been infiltrated.

He is risking imprisonment to bring out this information as brave as he does so please give this a listen, make it viral, and put this on your IPODS/IPADS/LAPTOPS and give out Burned CDs of BrianD. Hill's famous speech made on 12:30AM of May 19th 2010.

He is willing to get sent to the gulags to stop the anti-christ and says that Obama will be put in a cage by 2012. It will not be assassinations that will stop him but Obama will be put in a cage for a thousand years by God and his servants.

Obama is looking more of a anti-christ then even Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and even Osama Bin Laden.