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Unveiling Lyrics in Music with Subliminal Mind Control (2014)

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Unveiling Lyrics in Music with Subliminal Mind Control (2014)

Welcome to the world of the zombie Smurfs! - Now you know why your government keeps talking about zombie attacks. The monarch children are the monarch "killdren". Who are the monarch children? Maybe it's you!

This torrent is quite important. Here I have analyzed the lyrics of many albums, not the subliminals, but the lyrics, which is quite revealing. Those lyrics fully confirm the subliminals I've found. On top of that, I've also looked at the titles of many songs confirming what I've found. It all fits together: The meaning of subliminals, the symbols on the covers, the lyrics in the songs and the song titles. Talk about redundancy.

This is very interesting stuff. You'll also learn why some people do and others don't hear those subliminals. Then I've created a new list of subliminals found in the songs I've analyzed. It's the same subliminals over and over again in all the albums I've analyzed, and as suspected, the number of suggestions is even more massive as you will see in the new list. Then I've created a list of secret code words giving you the power the identify those songs and albums hiding subliminals created by those artists who belong to the vast subliminal conspiracy. Let's say there is a real army of artists and musicians out there serving satan, then how many members does that conspiracy have? How many members does the US Army have? Why after all should the music industry have more integrity than the Hollywood film industry?

It is a well known fact that the music industry is under total control by satan, this has been known for quire some time, but so far it hasn't been clear how exactly satan uses that control to his advantage. Now you know, he uses his control for mind control with subliminals. If you have all the money in the world, then it's easy to buy up all the artists in the world. And then many artists are deeply involved in witchcraft. There are a hundred thousand covens for witchcraft in the USA alone. Now you know why GOD isn't pleased with this world - HE is NOT amused.

Bear in mind that most stuff out there on mind control is not about mind control but just controlling our mind, it's a deception, this stuff here in contrast is fully authentic, few words but lots of meaning. The monarch children may get triggered very soon - maybe you should know, maybe it's about you. How many of them are out there? Have a look at what Al Bielek said on the Montauk Project and the Montauk Boys. They were boys quite some time ago, now they're adults.

"During my time at Mills College, I wrote my MFA thesis on The Use of Sound For Control, Healing and Empowerment, and have often thought about expanding or updating it many times in the last few years. I found, however, that the more I learned, the more questions it raised, and the more implications of major "classified" warfare applications I came across. While my thesis gave examples of some of the military applications of sound, as well as subliminal audio in public spaces and broadcast signals, I also ran into a lot of conflicting data, and particularly denials that any such activity was happening, or even possible; for example I would find de-classified research from the CIA showing they had a strong interest in subliminal audio influence, post WWII, but mainstream newspaper articles down-playing it and calling it nonsense. I also found that some of the more metaphysically-oriented elements of "sound healing" research I had studied in school really did not seem to have much "proof" to them, or provide any method to verify their validity; for example, there are multiple schools of thought in assigning different tones or frequencies to the "chakras" or energy centers in the body, but the actual source for this data is totally obscured in history, and may have come from a totally non-scientific, or just intuitive/"channeled" source. So, on one hand we have the military applications of sound being essentially covered-up, downplayed or unreported, and we have the "sound healing" applications muddied with lots of vague, spiritually-oriented data that do not necessarily have any scientific validation behind them (although most proponents of sound healing would tell you they simply haven't been scientifically validated YET, and practical evidence suggests there is "something to it" ). I was left feeling like it would take a whole book to fully research and explain all the various viewpoints involved, and even then I suspected that the questions would not be answered. And so, I was excited to find a link to Steve Goodman's blog for his upcoming book Sonic Warfare: Sound, Affect And The Ecology Of Fear. Goodman is the founder of the innovative Hyperdub label, widely credited with bringing dubstep to the global stage, and a solo artist under the name Kode 9. Goodman is also a musicologist and sonic researcher, and has turned his focus to the military uses of sound. He also posts regular articles and videos on his blog, and has even referenced some of the same articles I came across in my own research at Mills. I am glad someone has taken on such a massive, and relatively "dark", subject and I look forward to seeing what he's uncovered, and his conclusions. The book is available for pre-order online and is printing at the end of December."

audio: analyzed albums

text: analyzed subliminals and code words, papers

pics: some pictures


fantastic ebook included: Sonic Warfare: sound, affect & the ecology of fear by Steve Goodman, MIT Press, 2009