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Unsolved Mysteries - The UFO Files - 4 DVD Boxset

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An excellent boxset with many interesting stories. Unsolved Mysteries compilation with Robert Stack. Quality entertainment with some very shocking UFO stories that will make you wonder, "are we alone". This UFO collection is a must have for any Unsolved Mysteries fan, and certainly anyone who is interested in UFO's. Approx runtime 6 hrs.


Disk 1-
Bentwaters UFO
Allagash Abductions
Crop Circles
Phoenix UFO
Nazca Lines
Mexico UFO

Disk 2-
Roswell/Area 51 Connection
Hudson Valley UFO
Belgian UFO
Falcon Lake UFO
UFO Healing

Disk 3-
Australian UFO
Missing Time
Socorro Close Encounter
Kecksburg UFO
Texas UFO
Face On Mars

Disk 4-
Men In Black
Canadian UFO
Wheatfields Visitations
Life Of Mars
The Blob
UFO Odyssey

Overall, Excellent collection of Stories, Highly Recommended, Enjoy