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Unreported World Season 21

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Episode 1 - India's Leprosy Heroes: Unreported World meets remarkable people fighting back against leprosy in India, where millions affected by the disease are pushed to the margins of society, ostracised by their friends and families.
Episode 2 - Congo: The Children Who Came Back from the Dead: Unreported World travels to eastern Congo to witness the remarkable work of one man who liberates the child soldiers who have been forced to fight in one of the world's longest-running conflicts.
Episode 3 - Nigeria: Sex, Lies and Black Magic: Reporter Jenny Kleeman and director James Jones travel from Italy to Africa to reveal how human traffickers are using black magic to coerce and trap Nigerian women into a life of prostitution in Europe.
Episode 4 - Pakistan: Defenders of Karachi: Reporter Peter Oborne and director Edward Watts spend time with a few courageous individuals who are risking their lives to hold the line against anarchy in Pakistan's largest city.
Episode 5 - China's Lost Sons: Reporter Oliver Steeds and producer Matt Haan travel to China to follow one father's inspirational search for his son, who was abducted and sold into slavery. They expose one of the untold stories behind China's economic boom, discovering how thousands of young men with mental impairments have been kidnapped and forced to work in brick factories.
Episode 6 - Burundi: Boys Behind Bars: Reporter Ramita Navai and director Wael Dabbous expose the plight of hundreds of children in Burundi locked up for years without trial in adult prisons, among some of the most dangerous criminals in the country. And they meet one man who has dedicated his life to freeing them; Pierre-Claver Mbonimpa is the only hope many of these children have.
Episode 7 - Mexico: Living with Hitmen: Mexico's drug wars have been well reported, but there is a frightening, new phenomenon that is going largely unnoticed. A growing number of journalists are being killed or 'disappeared' as they try to report on drug violence and the growing links between the cartels and the corrupt police and politicians.
Episode 8 - Inside the Battle for Ivory Coast: Reporter Seyi Rhodes and director Alex Nott arrive in Abidjan, the commercial capital of the Ivory Coast in West Africa, to report on the escalating political crisis. Instead they find themselves one of the few television crews to be there as terrifying violence tears apart a city that had been described as the Paris of West Africa.
Episode 9 - Breaking Into Israel: In the Sinai desert, thousands of African immigrants fleeing conscription, torture and conflict in East Africa risk being shot by border guards and held ransom by people smugglers as they try to get to Israel.
Episode 10 - Indonesia's Wildlife Warriors: Unreported World travels to Indonesia to meet young environmental activists battling to save endangered species such as orang-utans and sea turtles. Reporter Aidan Hartley and producer Rodrigo Vazquez visit a vast market where critically endangered animals are sold as pets or for the Chinese medicine trade, and uncover allegations of corruption and harassment of the campaigners.