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Unofficial C0NC3N TV link

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Unofficial C0NC3N TV link


Alot of material from here streaming at

do not hesitate to critique in chat or at

Much Health


isnt a bad idea.

PeerTube is a good piece of software.

peertube? https:/

peertube? <- this one?
live streaming capabilities would be sweet
vaughn is ok
we have a 24/7 br34kind b4d binge channel @ also...
and 3 more comedy channels. Laughter is key theese days...

Much Health Zoopenhoff


So the interesting thing about peertube is that it's federated.

it would mean that other peertube sites could feature content and channels off yours, and vice versa. So you can build a network of sites.

Peertube works, its a bit funky

I put up a Peertube site for a brief moment. Had some stability issues, but this was 2 years ago so it's doubtless better. has live streaming capabilities. It's running now. Do you want to stream something? Go download OBS and use it. Please!

Here's something else it can do, I'm testing its IPTV capabilities. Here, I just assembled three stations Concen-1 2 & 3, lets leave them running for a day and see what they do.

If Concen wants to set up a site with the same software, its open source, free, but you want to spend a few hundred on plug-ins to get the optional bits. Running multiple sites, there are integration options. Check it out at

Needs a dedicated server, VPS/shared BS will do you no good. I'm paying about $100/mo for a 4core xeon 16GB 5*3.7TB RAID.

IPTV experiment is a meh

IPTV is a new feature - just showed up in v11.0 last week - it has to mature a bit, the code smells a bit funky…. Will report back next update…

If anyone is interested, it works by transcoding live on the server - one feed so all viewers are in sync. Expensive on server resources, conspyre can only run 2 channels max...

Live streaming is another thing, you run OBS on your computer - you're doing the transcoding - and its light on server resources. @audiofart any interest in testing live streaming? hit me up & I'll get you dialed in.

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