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Unmasking the Lies around the COVID-19 Pandemic - Dr. Andrew Kaufman (29Apr2020) [720p]

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Unmasking the Lies around COVID-19: Facts vs Fiction of the Coronavirus Pandemic - Dr. Andrew Kaufman
LONDONREAL.TV, 29th April 2020

Dr. Andrew Kaufman is an American natural healing consultant, inventor, expert witness and forensic psychiatrist who has been powerfully outspoken throughout the pandemic. Speaking counter to the mainstream media, Dr. Kaufman has stated that a virus is not causing a new disease, there is no evidence of increased mortality and modern medicine is the leading cause of death.

This interview was broadcast on April 29, 2020 at 6pm on the Digital Freedom Platform for an uncensored conversation on the COVID-19 pandemic, the science behind the virus and global erosion of civil liberties.

The subjects covered include:

  • Risks Of Being So Outspoken
  • Different Forces Conspiring Against Doctors
  • Is There Really A Pandemic?
  • Is There Really An Increase In Population Deaths?
  • Fake Death Reports
  • Why Would They Fake The Numbers?
  • Was There Ever A Pandemic In Wuhan?
  • The Flawed Side Of Medicine And Vaccines
  • What Relation Does Bill Gates Have To The Vaccine?
  • The Pandemic Is A Manufactured Crisis
  • Opinion On Companies Trying To Create Vaccine
  • 6 Months From Now
  • The Science In Social Distancing And Masks
  • How Will The Virus Affect Our Economy?

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