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Understanding your slavery – with Etienne de la Boetie (the 2nd)

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"The original Etienne de la Boetie, 1530-1563, was a French political philosopher who wrote The Discourse of Voluntary Servitude (popularly reprinted in English as: The Anti-Dictator) in the 16th century where he argued that men are not so much enslaved as they enslave themselves and the only power tyrants have is given to them by the majority of their victims. This is as true today as it was then.

He was one of the first to chronicle the techniques that monarchs, the organized crime system of that day, used to create obedience and fealty in their tax slaves. He also observed that there were always “a few” who would not bow and relinquish to authority, “Resolve to serve no more and you are at once freed”.

This weeks Podcast is a discussion of our lack of freedom and the techniques used to achieve it with the author of the book “Understanding our Slavery” who calls himself ‘Etienne De La Boetie the 2nd’. I recommend picking up a copy, it will greatly help you in better understanding slavery. It is a pictorial book that is easier to understand than most books.

The book and the mission

Etienne is a mission to spread an understanding of slavery to as many people as possible. It is only by understanding that we are not free that we will ever be in a position to rationally argue for freedom. It was Johann Wolfgang von Goethe who said that “There are none more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe that they are free”. Once we understand that we are not free then we can be motivated to find out what freedom is and exactly why we need it to flourish, then we can set about intellectually persuading our fellow men and arguing for freedom."