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Understanding PSYOPS - Creating Stereotypes

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Understanding PSYOPS - Creating Stereotypes

How to Destroy the 9/11 Truth Movement

Once someone starts looking into the facts on 9/11, once he has watched some documentaries or has even read some books about it, it becomes quite obvious to him that 9/11 is a huge fraud, and that the government's lies are stinking to heaven. For this reason it is of the utmost importance to prevent the average citizen from even looking into this event and prevent him from examining it in more detail.

This is being done by stigmatizing the exponents of alternative data, by creating stereotypes, by creating myths. People representing alternative point of views are being displayed as anti-semites, as crazy lunatics wearing tin foil hats, as people with mental disorders, as un-american traitors, as unpatriotic thugs and so on. People will then say: "Of course I don't question 9/11, since I'm not one of these unpatriotic anti-semites". People don't want to be seen as belonging to one of these stigmatized groups, and therefore they reject beliefs and patterns of behavior that would identify them as being one of them. They're even willing to reject quite reasonable behavior, such as asking questions and doing some research just to avoid being perceived as one of those undesired outsiders.

There mere questioning of the official story has been stigmatized. You are not even allowed to think about certain topics. For example: No one in the former USSR would even have dared to question communism, would have dared to even debate the validity of the official state-ideology. Questioning communism was a 'taboo'. Questioning 9/11 is a taboo for the average conditioned western mind too. It is a 'sin' not to believe the government concerning 9/11. Those questioning the media and other symbols of authority are seen as 'heretics'.

As you can see, we're right in middle of the terminology and mentality of the middle-ages now, right in the middle of superstition and religion, of heresy and of sin. A clear, logical and unbiased scientific mind is the worst enemy of those manufacturing myths and taboos. After all, truth has nothing to hide, truth isn't afraid of any investigation. It is the lie that has to fear those asking questions, it is the lie that is afraid of those who are breaking taboos and are questioning myths.

Are you a myth-buster? Are you a ghost-buster? Myths are ghosts haunting the minds of those being infected by these evil spirits called taboos. Like viruses having infected a computer, they prevent their victims from proper functioning, from proper reasoning. On the ground of myths any insanity is possible. Two paths may lead to sanity: A solid scientific investigation and a state of consciousness called 'responsibility'. And society seems to lack both of them.