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Understanding Deep Politics 2010 - Peter Dale Scott

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Topic: The Process by which the US Constitution has already been superseded

Revealing the Driving Forces Behind World Events and Creating Alternative Solutions / Discover the Deeper Roots of Our Current Crises

In one packed weekend, Understanding Deep Politics brought together ten distinguished speakers and hundreds of concerned citizens like you for the purpose of challenging the mainstream perceptions of political reality and to reveal the hidden forces behind many widely accepted historical and current events. Our speakers will draw upon many decades of research to help you connect the dots that are pointing us towards an Orwellian police state—indeed, to a much darker future than most citizens can even imagine. Our wide-ranging roster of presenters, including David Ray Griffin, Jim Marrs and Ellen Brown, will delve into the roots of our current crises and the dynamics driving despotic governance, financial plunder, imperialism, loss of civil liberties, and assaults on public health. Further, they will explore how such vital insights are continually being suppressed as they expose the media matrix that obscures these facts and stupefies our culture, all in the interest of protecting a malignant status quo.