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Ultraculture Journal One

Ultraculture Journal One is licensed under a
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So welcome, welcome. Welcome to the party and welcome to the first issue of Ultraculture Journal, the periodical of choice for Discerning Divinities. Buddhists say your soul changes phase every seven years, and biologists say that your body completely replaces its cells every seven years too, but we aim to take the High Road and get both done by the time you're done reading our first issue. You've been forewarned. Nothing will be the same ever again.

This is the first in a planned six-volume set. I figure I'll do one a year until 2012, which seems as arbitary of a date as any to stop. We'll see where this Grand Experiment takes us up till then, and whatever this has all mutated into by then I suspect will be far bigger and weirder than anything any of us can foresee.

This is where it really gets good. This is where we start to see who's committed. This is where we break out the Real Shit and let you take it for a test drive.

So if you're ready for Adult Business—like tea, sex and Waking Up and Saving Your World—then welcome to the party. If you're still huffing the Apocalypse like glue in a bag, may I suggest you sample some of the contents within these pages and rethink your choice of drug.

Put your hand in the river that is time and meaning and language and watch it all flow around you and turn through a space you forgot to see. Watch it bend around and respond to your touch and laugh that you have remembered to see it. Shaping.

Anything can be made. Anything can be shaped. Love is the law. And it always is. So get together and Do It. Make a scene. Break boundaries. Lead by example. Invent the future as you go. (After all, you may well need to start rehearsing for the end of the Nation-State, when tribal loyalty, mutual trust and collective vision are not a curiosity but rather what your survival becomes hinged on.)

And that’s all that Ultraculture is. You and your friends, armed with the certainty that comes from knowing that you are God. All of them, in fact, among all of them. Here to play, here to create, along with everybody else. Everybody else, who just happen to be God too, conspiring to make the best of all possible Universes. That's my Truth. That's what I’m offering you, along with a suitcase full of toys.

And if you take it, I leave you with that question again: What are you doing? What are you gonna do next?

Enjoy yourselves out there. It’s a big, wide, bizarre playground of a planet. And this party ain’t over yet. Oh no. Not by a long, long shot.



General Order Master -Genesis Breyer P-Orridge

The Amoral Way of the Wizard -Lalitanath

A Spell to Open the Sky -Elijah

A Grammary -Jason Louv

Notes of an Alchemist -Ira Cohen

Eternalicious -Shivanath

An Interview With Monica Dechen Gyalmo -Prince Charming

Tantric Picnic -Hans Plomp

I Married My-Self -Lamda

Are You a Skin? -Johnny Templar

The Laughing Gnostic -Peter-R. Koenig

The Man With the Tattered Smile -Mordant Carnival

The Day I Went to Fetch the Acids -Joel Biroco

Causal Cosmogeny and Cosmology -Ganesh Baba

The Sayings of Ganesh Baba

Trishuls, Tibetans and Tsunamis -Dave Lowe

S/He is Her/E -Genesis Breyer P-Orridge

Black Mass -Jason Louv

Paint Me as a Dead Soul -Jhonn Balance

A Quick Trip to Alamut -Brion Gysin

Kings With Straw Mats -Ira Cohen

A Few Science Experiments to Try at Home


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