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UFOs Under Investigation 1-13

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This series takes a definitive, scientific look at the state of the search for UFOs as of the year 2003, documenting many UFO stories which have been debunked, and more importantly, bringing viewers up to date on the state of the most famous UFO investigations which still remain unresolved and unexplained to this day.

#01: UFO Hunters: All over the world, tens of thousands of people are fascinated by the UFO phenomenon. UFOs Under Investigation takes a closer look at the history of the UFOs, the soundness of ufologists and the future of UFO hunters.

#02: Impostors Or Cosmic Visionaries: There are dozens of so-called religious groups across the world headed by leaders pretending to be in contact with superior beings from outer space. UFOs Under Investigation looks into the matter while trying to distinguish between the Impostors and the true Cosmic Visionaries.

#03: UFOs, Lies & Videotapes: Fixed photographs, fake flying saucer crashes, cosmic messages, film-segment showing the alleged autopsy of an extraterrestrial...UFOs Under Investigation looks at some of the most famous masterstrokes of the kind.

#04: Secret Files: Silence, cover-ups, formal denials, disinformation...Anything goes when it comes to hiding the truth from the general public. Everywhere in the world, the army is known to hold back secret information about UFOs. UFOs Under Investigation unveils some of the well-guarded government secrets through interviews with initiated individuals.

#05: The Science Of The Unexplained: In most cases, UFO sightings are easily explained by simple scientific facts: optical illusions, atmospheric phenomena, sounding balloons, hallucinations ... UFOs Under Investigation talks to researchers who specialize in the Science of the Unexplained.

#06: Unsolved Mysteries: Many spectacular UFO sightings across the USA, Canada, Europe or South America have remained unexplained in spite of serious and thorough investigations. UFOs Under Investigation makes public some of the unclassified UFO files.

#07: Tales Of Strange Abductions: In the United States alone, over 3 million people claim to have been abducted by extraterrestrials interested to know how the human anatomy works. UFOs Under Investigation presents some of the most troubling accounts of extraterrestrial abductions.

#08: Cosmic Conspiracy: According to some skeptics, American astronauts never really landed on the moon, even worse, they claim that a handful of initiated in close contact with extraterrestrials have infiltrated our governments. UFOs Under Investigation examines the foundation of this great cosmic conspiracy.

#09: Mysterious Phenomena: The Bermuda Triangle, crop circles, animal mutilations, bizarre creatures...All those mysterious manifestations are consistently linked with the intervention of an exotic form of intelligence. UFOs Under Investigation tries to shed light on some of those strange phenomena.

#10: Future Perfect: Some of the treasures of antiquity contain the irrefutable proof that the human race descends directly from ancient astronauts who visited Earth. UFOs Under Investigation relies on archeological discoveries with a cosmic twist in order to demonstrate the value of such a theory.

#11: Journeys To Elsewhere: Black holes, parallel universes, space-time corridors, intergalactic motorways, intersidereal cultures, teleportation...UFOs Under Investigation sets off on an amazing journey looking for the origins of our hypothetical extraterrestrial visitors.

#12: UFOs, Culture & Media: Research clearly established indisputable parallels between the cultural evolution of our societies and the development of the UFO phenomenon. Admittedly, it would be an error to reduce the latter to simple cultural concerns. However, those cannot be excluded from a total comprehension of the phenomenon.

#13: The Day The Gods Fell To Earth: For half a century now, persistent rumors have led to believe that flying saucers might have crashed in various places of our planet and that, in some cases, people succeeded in recovering some of the creatures which were on board. UFOs Under Investigation goes in search of those gods who fell to Earth.

LENGTH: 13 x 47 Minutes