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UFOs The Third Reich Strikes Back research pack

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UFOs The Third Reich Strikes Back research pack


1) UFOs Are Real (1979).avi

One of many 1970s UFO documentaries, this one features lots of still photos of alleged UFOs, some UFO motion picture footage, and the usual stock footage and images acquired from government and military sources. Among the many people interviewed are UFO researchers Stanton Friedman and Ted Phillips, UFO abductees Betty Hill and Travis Walton, optical physicist Bruce Maccabee, and retired U.S. military officers Jesse Marcel and Wendelle Stevens. The documentary supports the view that alien visitors regularly come to Earth and have perhaps done so for centuries.

2) Antarctica Operation Highjump Admiral Byrd Vril Force Fields.mp4 (video clip)

3) Journeys from Beyond Earth (UFO Documentary).mp4

Old UFO documentary that played on the TV in the late 70's early 80's. This is really an original piece with some historical info, what fascinates me about this movie is that it is made in the format of an old classic sci-fi movie. Some of these old UFO docs have lost and forgotten information from lost and forgotten researchers and scientists.

4) The Great Alien Conspiracy The World's Strangest UFO Stories.mp4

5) UFO Das Dritte Reich schlägt zurück (german).mp4

This is the UFO documentary Vladimir Terziski has been talking about. He says he has been taking pictures from it with his camera. It's in german, but even if you don't understand german, it's still worth watching because of its unusual pictures.

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