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UFOs Secret Space Programs & Underground Bases [pack]

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UFOs Secret Space Programs & Underground Bases [pack] UFO Down-Under - Barry Taylor U.F.O. means, Unidentified Flying Object. It does not automatically mean Alien Space Craft or Flying Saucer, being the common perception when UFO is mentioned. Yes, there are Alien Space Craft visiting our Earth periodically, however, the greater majority of UFO’s seen are not Alien Space Craft containing small 4-5 foot [1.5 metre] Alien Beings, they are “Living Space Critters”. Alien life forms yet undetermined by science, and UFO Researchers alike. Some, may be biological living ‘probes’ gathering information about the Earth’s environment. The resulting data, then returned to a distant Alien Race where it is analysed and studied by some distant Alien Scientist. It is these aspects of UFOlogy that will be revealed within this book, and the evidence presented showing why this may be the truth behind many of the UFO objects we see in our skies to-day. Without doubt, the UFO subject has been the most controversial subject in today’s modern society. Millions of people around the world from all walks of life, including military personnel, government officials, airline pilots and prominent business people to the general citizens of the world in all countries have spoken about and reported their own personal sightings, and sometimes physical contact with UFO craft, even Beings from other worlds. There have been many books and discussion papers written on the UFO subject over the years, starting from the late 1940’s. There must be literally thousands of books available on this subject in today’s market place. Especially recent years since 1994 and the advent of the Internet. This easy access to a digital form of communication has opened up a vast distribution of web page sites full of the latest UFO sighting reports, photographs and video clips covering world wide awareness of events as they occur. Exchange and submission of information relative to the UFO phenomenon, is now a fast and simple task eagerly used by the population of the world when the UFO subject affects them personally, and in their quest to learn more on the subject. The Internet also offers fast easy access to and for UFO Researchers around the world. In this book, I will concentrate on my own personal experiences directly related to my sightings and sometimes captured video sequences of these mysterious UFO objects. It is from these personal observations and study of resulting video footage, that I have been able to establish some interesting possible scenarios of what is actually happening when UFO’s are in our skies, and some interesting probabilities as to what some UFO objects actually are. There is a great deal of information within these pages that has never been written before, and may seem unconventional when compared to generally accepted explanations already vented by researchers and authors around the world. I place great value on personal observations of the UFO when in our skies. It is only then, that more accurate and realistic conclusions be seriously considered. The key word is “experience”. Experience based on accumulative data gathered by observation. Then, the combined long term research and study of resulting video evidence using the latest hi-end computer video enhancing programs. And finally learning how to, read the results with greatest possible accuracy. This has been my specialty since 1996. This type of research gives you knowledge on the subject otherwise difficult to obtain through other means. Since 1996, I have captured many UFO on video. In 2000, I produced my first video production called, “UFO Down-Under” featuring a small selection of UFO footage, some with witnesses at the time of filming. I now had enough real UFO footage to show others what has been visiting our skies. Early in my quest for answers on the UFO phenomenon, I learnt the value of Skywatching. I say, “If you intend seeing UFO’s, than you have to watch the skies, for that is where they are”. And that has proven to be true, and very rewarding over the years. I have observed different types of UFO, noted their flight characteristics and capabilities, both at night and during the day. Not only do I include many of my personal UFO sightings within these pages, but a few important sightings reported to me by others. An interesting chapter on “How to See UFO’s and Photograph Them”, is a culmination of years of personal practice, study and development, of the techniques that I use. I share this unique knowledge with you, so you will have the opportunity to put these techniques into practice for yourself. If you develop the techniques, you too will see the UFO next time they are in your area. I can almost guarantee it. I began my life long journey with UFO’s when I was a child. My explanation of events is expressed as I remember them. There is memory loss of detail associated with some experiences, but what I do remember makes interesting reading. I have been fortunate enough to have photographed and video taped a large number of UFO over the years, and some of the most interesting are included in this book. When I have not been able to photograph the UFO, either because they were moving too fast, or I was awe struck because they were just too close and could not believe what I was confronted with, so decided to just intensely observe every detail I could. Sometimes I even had the video camera in my hand but did not turn it on. ebooks Evidence, The Case for NASA UFOs - Daniel Sereda.pdf Eyes Only - The Story of Clifford Stone - Clifford Stone.pdf Norway UFOs, FOTOCAT Report # 4 - Vicente Ballester.pdf Our ancestors came from outer space - Chatelain, Maurice.pdf Paranormal America - Christopher Bader, F. 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