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UFO's The Secret History 2 - Bonus DVD

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The bonus DVD includes 2.5 Hour Feature Length! This ground breaking series of bonus interviews comes from the DVD release of the film UFOs The Secret History and presents an examination of the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis -- the notion that some UFO reports are probably explained by extraterrestrial visitation and why contact may include the alarming notion of Alien Abduction and how an advanced culture might strategize contact with an emerging civilization.

In considering the reality of UFO encounter experiences it would be wise to keep in mind that any civilization that is thousand, millions, or even billions of years older than us would have a technology and a comprehension of the universe that would be far beyond our ability to understand or even imagine.

In this light, reports of people floating through walls, of a race of hybrids, or even the suggestion that a truly advanced race could create the entire abduction experience within the confines of the human mind are no more unreasonable than an other suggestion.

Another point worth considering:

Any super-civilization that may be out there must have, from necessity, developed strategies for dealing with emerging civilizations. Those strategies may well be played out over tens, hundreds, or even thousands of years..possibly a blink of an eye from their point of view..