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UFOs Are Here! (1977)

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This 1977 doco was partly shot in Western Australia and was aired there, on a local free to air TV channel. It features a very young Steven Spielberg, J Allen Hynek, Stanton Friedman, Betty Hill, Jacques Vallee and more. If you can forgive the dated production values, it's worth watching. Stan Deyo's account of his time in the covert world of electro-gravitics and gravity cancellation research, ties in with claims by Steven Greer (and others), that the US has had anti gravity / saucer craft since the late 1950s and has ruthlessly suppressed that information ever since. Deyo's references to the Illuminati, are also interesting.


I've always found Deyo's testimony to be smoking hot as far as whistleblowers go. In fact, he did do a Disclosure Project video interview with Greer years ago. He was going to make it available as part of his DVD series on his website, but has been busy with bigger things.

The documentary is gold as far as UFOlogy is concerned. Hynek, Vallee etc. This .mkv was ripped directly from Deyo's DVD.

Just realised that it was already posted a month ago. I agree with you re Stan Deyo's testimony. I live in Australia and this shows that a lot has happened here that has been kept very quiet! There's supposedly an Alien base inside a mountain in the Aussie desert, that's been described as a Men in Black (the movie not the creepy dudes!) style recreation centre for aliens to kick back and relax. Indigenous Aussies report that Dog Headed ETs also have a base in the center of the country. I think I'll get me a 4WD and go a touring!

Wow - yes, and I am dying to know what is being done with Pine Gap, especially in the year 2020. It has been there for decades and I have heard many different things about it.