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Dear colleagues.

This is the continuation of my thread from older forum:

Here is one of my special interviews:
Audio link:

To better understand flight route of F27, please consult this map that I made:

Here is an interview that I recorded this Saturday with a former NAC pilot Peter Maher.
Peter joined me over the telephone all the way from New Zealand. He described an important Radar-Visual UFO Incident from 1970s while he was flying NAC Fokker 27 Airplane from Tauranga to Auckland. Case involves visual sighting, radar detection from ground and on-board radars. Most dramatic element is a near-miss incident which is raising air Safety concerns.

I was personally interested in this incident due to the similar characteristics with Pan Adria incident from 1976 that I am researching for the last 21 years.

In both of these cases, we can compare following aspects:
- Both incidents happened roughly in the similar period (middle of 1970s).
- Both pilots flew similar air planes – Fokker models.
- Radar detection with on-board and ground radars.
- Frontal confrontation with an UFO which allowed detection from Fokker's on-board weather radar with a very strong signal.
- Visual sighting.
- UFO followed air plane during considerable part of the flight route maintaining speed and distance in relation to the plane.
- Enormous speed increase at certain point from an UFO and a near-miss incident.

Hope you will find it interesting.

Best regards.

UFORadio-International #5: UFOs and Government - A Historical In

UFORadio-International #5: UFOs and Government - A Historical Inquiry

Guest: Robert Powell
UFOs and Government Book
Book Review:
Wendy Connors' Faded Discs:

In today's episode we are talking with prominent researcher - Robert Powell. We will discuss important book titled "UFOs and Government - A Historical Inquiry". Interview covers important elements of the UFO history with 7 rare audio clips which that serve as companion pieces.

Some of the subjects that we covered were:

- Foo Fighters and Ghost Rockets
- Kenneth Arnold's Sighting
- Project Sign and Estimate of the Situation
- Projects Grudge and Blue Book
- Washington UFO Flap 1952
- Michigan UFO Flap 1966
- Condon's Comittee
- FOIA era of UFO Documents in 1970s
- Scientific Coalition of Ufology
- November 2004 Radar-Visual USS Princeton Incident

UFORadio-International Special: ep #6: 1967 Radar-Visual ECM UFO

Episode #6: 1967 Radar-Visual ECM UFO Incident Above Southern Florida

Guests: Bill Schroeder & Dennis Force

Please explore this map to get better insight into overall incident:

On March 31, 1967 two US Military Air Defense Radar Operators tracked a total of eight unidentified targets over coastal areas of southern Florida. Radar site located at AFB, Florida was stationed by Dennis Force, and second radar battery site at Key West, Florida was served by Bill Schroeder. The operators and radar stations were separated by approximately 100 miles.

The case involves radar detection from multiple radar sites, several interception attempts by fighter jets, visual sighting, and a possible ECM effect caused by an unknown target. Duration of this dramatic incident lasted for approximately 4 hours. Two separate UFO flight groups were identified. Group A was flying over Atlantic area near Miami and Group B was flying over south of the Florida mainland. This remarkable case is presented by Bill and Dennis: 1-hand witnesses that were on official duty that night.

I don't honestly believe with

I don't honestly believe with aliens or UFO.

well lordy!
mjoy1993 wrote:

I don't honestly believe with aliens or UFO.

WELL.. shouldn't that be "believe IN aliens or UFO's"
oh the irony considering your grammer pedantry in the post below

mjoy1993 wrote:

Welcome back, and hey you have misspelled the word Hello.

funny old world isn't it?

Extraterrestrial Events - A Dance Opera

This is from my companion podcast but it is related to this subject so could be interesting for UFORadio-International audience too:

InSPiRaTiOnS #4: Philip Connaughton - UFOs in Art: Extraterrestrial Events
Guest: Philip Connaughton

Dance opera "Extraterrestrial Events" - created by Philip Connaughton - will be performed in Cork Opera House on October 24th, 2017. This intriguing dance piece is based on UFO cases that were collected by GEIPAN - official french organization that investigates UFO reports.

In this in-deepth interview with Phiip Connaugton, we will go through his amazing international artistic career to learn what has inspired him to adopt UFO subject into a dance piece. With exclusive audio clips from the play, Cork audience will get a glimpse what can be expected this Tuesday on 8pm in Cork Opera House.

Unidentified - part 2

Author Larry Hancock is back and this time we are starting UFO History series. Every few months we will cover different historical periods of unidentified intrusions and National Security implications based on his book.

Larry's book "Unidentified - The National Intelligence Problem of UFOs" explores that intelligence failure, beginning during World War II and continuing over some three decades of official inquiries. It also profiles the events – including inter-service and inter-agency political posturing – which prevented the problem from being elevated to a level of true national security tasking. The ongoing Air Force decision to study the problem only at the level of individual incidents and the larger failure to task the broader intelligence community with a longer term, strategic analysis of security related UFO activities ensured that the fundamental problem was simply not addressed. The end result was nothing more than over a thousand highly unconventional and anomalous UFO reports officially classified and archived as “Unknowns”.

In this episode Larry has covered these historical events:

1944-1945: Foo Fighters WWII

1946: Ghost Rockets above Sweden

1947-1949: Beginning of modern UFO era and sightings above US skies / General Nathan Twinning and formation of SIGN - initial official body to study UFOs

1949: Sightings above Los Alamos and Albuquerque atomic facilities

UFORadio-International #8: National Press Club Conference 2007

Interview Link:

UFORadio-International #8: National Press Club Conference 2007 - 10-Year Anniversary
Guest: James Fox

James Fox was the main force behind UFO conference held on November 12, 2007 in National Press Club in Washington DC. Conference "Close Encounters" presented UFO incidents of pilots and military witnesses.
Today, November 12, 2017 is a 10-Year Anniversary of that event. For that purpose I am releasing an interview from my archives that I did with James Fox back in March 2011.

In this interview James has covered these subjects:

- Events behind the scenes regarding the conference (some shared for the first time).

- How the Larry King show about the conference almost never happened.

- Investigative process to bring pilots Parviz Jafari and Kenju Terauchi to the conference. One attempt was successful but another failed.

- Creating documentary "I Know What I Saw".

- "The best UFO footage" that James has ever seen.

- Steven Spielberg's letter about James' documentary.

- Conference was filmed by governmental agency.

...and much more.

1958 Eielson AFB Radar UFO Incident

1958 Eielson AFB Radar UFO Incident
Guest: Gerry Flood
Interview Link:

Please consult this map to get better overview of the radar stations:

I am discussing another Radar UFO incident with Gerry Flood, former US Air Force GCA radar air traffic controller. Incident happened in 1958 while Gerry was stationed in Eielson AFB in Alaska. Gerry observed a target on search radar (MPN-11) which was able to fly over 5,000mph and make turns instantly of over 90 degrees. Other radar sites were contacted and target was confirmed on their scopes too.

This is a companion episode to previous special that presented 1967 Radar Visual UFO Incident above Southern Florida:

UFORadio International #10: Thirty Exclusive Minutes with James

Interview link:

Guest: James Fox

I was able to arrange new interview with James Fox during his driving trip from San Francisco to Santa Fe.

James is working very hard on his new documentary "701". During this exclusive interview we covered these subjects:

- Current status of "701" production.

- New information about Holloman UFO Landing film.

- Vandenberg UFO film.

- Deep sources, contacts, and search for physical evidence.

- Interview with col. William Coleman before his death.

- Interview with former Secretary of the Air Force - Anthony McPeak.

- Interview with John Podesta.

... and more.

Exclusive 60 Minutes with Luis Elizondo (UFORadio Int. #11)

Exclusive 60 Minutes with Luis Elizondo - Former Director of the AATIP
Interview Link:

Guest: Luis Elizondo (UFORadio International #11)

On December 17th 2017, New York Times has published historic article on the front page titled: "Real U.F.O.s? Pentagon Unit Tried to Know". The article described Pentagon's Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program which had a mandate to evaluate UFOs. Luis Elizondo was a former director of that program. In this exclusive interview that I did for Croatian Television, he explains his involvement in the program and what was learned through the years. This is the uncut version of that interview. On the date of this release, this is as far as I am aware, the longest interview with Mr. Elizondo.
During this exclusive interview we covered these subjects:

- Lue's career and his patents.
- The AATIP timeline and the budget.
- Mandate of the program.
- Detection of UFO Phenomena by DOD sensors.
- Witnesses, technical data and credibility factor.
- The USS Nimitz UFO Incident.
- 5 main categories of the UFO phenomena.
- AATIP findings vs Condon Committee conclusions.
- Alleged exotic materials.
- Possibilities of another and more hidden UFO program.
- To The Stars Academy.
... and more.

Official UFO Studies in France & Chile

UFORadio International #12: Official UFO Studies in France & Chile
Episode Link:


Guests: Jacques Patenet (GEIPAN), Philip Connaughton (GEIPAN in Art), General Ricardo Bermudez (CEFAA - e-mail interview)


- Philip Connaughton:

- Full Interview with Philip Connaughton:

- ET Events Dance Opera:


- COMETA Report:

Due to a huge response to my previous interview with Luis Elizondo who was a head of an official body for UFO investigations within US DOD, we are continuing with a similar theme. This time I am opening my archives to present you official UFO studies in France (GEIPAN) and Chile (CEFAA).

In an archived exclusive interview from December 8, 2006, head of GEIPAN (at the time) discussed with me history of official UFO research in France.

Excerpt from an interview with an amazing artist Philip Connaughton will show us how he was inspired by the works of GEIPAN to create dance opera "Extraterrestrial Events".

The e-mail interview from October 24, 2000 with the head of CEFAA - General Ricardo Bermudez - presents official UFO research in Chile.

CEFAA Reunion:
CEFAA Members:
From left to right:
- Sociologist Dagoberto Benítez
- Psychiatrist Mario Dussuel
- Collaborator Luis Riquelme
- Public Relations Alberto Fernández
- President General Ricardo Bermúdez
- Collaborator José Lay
- Geophysical Carlos Leiva
- Executive Secretary Gustavo Rodríguez and
- Analyst of Images José Fourt

lou elizondo is a

lou elizondo is a disinformation artist. not to be listened to or belived

kattanablade wrote:
kattanablade wrote:

lou elizondo is a disinformation artist. not to be listened to or belived

can you elaborate on that a bit please so those of us who haven't encountered him can get an idea please?

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