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UFO Sightings 2016 videos ebooks declassified docs [pack]

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UFO Sightings 2016 videos ebooks declassified docs [pack] 105 ebooks and docs, 275 videos! In 1968, when I was 7 years old, I was on my way home from elementary school in Berkeley, California with my friend Tommy. In those days, I watched the TV show “Star Trek” with my three brothers after school. I knew what a spaceship was. Tommy and I noticed a large crowd of people pointing up into the clear blue California sky. We stood in the center of the street and looked up to see a large, circular spaceship hovering about 3,000 feet above the city. It was metallic-silver in color, shaped like the “Star Trek Enterprise” except it didn’'t have any structure outside of a perfect circle. The crowds were gathering. People were coming out of their houses to look. Even a city worker in a man-hole came out to see. Tommy and I thought the spaceship we were seeing must have been an American ship. Where else could it have come from? The crowds watched this thing for over fifteen minutes, then the ship just blinked out. It didn't accelerate. It just went into another dimension in a blink of an eye. We couldn'’t believe our eyes. We were both only seven years old. We didn't know that the government of The United States of America’s space program was just in its infancy. Inter-dimensional shifts were far beyond the reaches of NASA. We had no idea what the significance of what we had seen was. For the rest of my life, I would remember that day like it happened yesterday. I recapitulated the incident hundreds of times in my mind. When I later learned that inter-dimensional craft hadn’'t been developed by NASA, and that UFO sightings marvelled the world since the Roswell Incident in July, 1947, I knew that what Tommy and I had seen that day was a “close encounter” with an extraterrestrial spaceship. No one could tell me what I saw was a Frisbee, a pizza, or a hallucination. I knew it was real. I didn't need Freudian psychoanalysts to tell me that a Frisbee can’t hover for over fifteen minutes then move from one dimension to an invisible one in a blink of an eye. A pizza could never be as large as a spaceship and fly. A hallucination couldn’'t be happening to a crowd of over fifty people at the same time. For weeks after the sighting, I kept dreaming about the UFO. In the dream, it would have one set of multi-colored lights that spun in a clockwise direction, while on the same axis, another set of multi-colored lights would spin in a counter-clockwise direction. What did this mean? I always thought it may be the answer to the craft’s propulsion system. I knew the dream was significant when I learned (in my mid thirties) that three physicists named John Bardeen, Leon Cooper, and J. Robert Schreiffer won the Nobel Prize in physics in 1972 for a discovery very similar to my dream about the UFO. This group’s new theory in physics demonstrated that the interaction between the electrons and the lattice leads to the formation of bound pairs of electrons, which are often called “Cooper-Pairs.” The different pairs are strongly coupled to each other which leads to a complex pattern in which a considerable fraction of the total number of conducting electrons are coupled together to form the superconducting state. Time forward electron pairs with a time reversed electron and the ultimate superconductivity state occurs where there is a “complete disappearance of electrical resistance.” This was a photocopy of my dream. I thought this had to have some kind of significance. But that significance would take me over thirty years to figure out. The fuller meaning and significance to this finding will be dealt with in Chapter Six of this book. For 53 years, since the Roswell Incident on July 5, 1947, the goal of the UFO movement has been to expose the government’s knowledge of UFOs. While there were many alleged sightings, just like Tommy and I had witnessed, there was no clear evidence of the government’s knowledge of UFOs. What was needed to provide the evidence would have to be Air Force, Military or NASA video footage of UFOs. Incident reports exposed by government employees were not sufficient without video or film footage. In 1997, I would begin to co-form a partnership of three individuals who had the evidence that NASA had encountered UFOs on many of its 1990s space shuttle missions. This true story will show NASA video evidence, a scientific investigation at NASA and inside the UFO expert community, of what just may be the most astounding proof yet, that our planet is being visited by an extraterrestrial civilization. from: David Sereda - Evidence, The Case for NASA UFOs.pdf comment: Don't worry, there are no aliens, we're the only ones in this huge universe. LOL. Many UFOs are man-made though. Never forget about Project Bluebeam, the planned staged alien invasion. It won't be holographic only, they will be using real man-made UFO's with pilots wearing alien rubber suits to deceive us. Files (too many to list them all): 105 ebooks and docs, 275 videos tags: UFOs, aliens, ETs, sightings, abductions, experiments, MILABS, mkultra, mind control
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