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UFO Phenomenon Docu by 7News Australia

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This one starts out as if it's going to be one of those "new generation" fluff pieces masquerading as a documentary, you know the type, flash-cuts, shaky cameras, the whole nine yards. But no, it turns out veteran reporter Ross Coulthart actually understands how to do journalism and straight reporting, and he brings his expertise to bear on the topic of UFOs here. The film crew is thankfully a decade behind in copying American-style "documentary film-making," otherwise this would be as unviewable as anything now showing on the History and Discovery channels. They sort of confine themselves to doing those slow-motion, flash-cut or zooming pans of the interlocutors, instead of creating obnoxious walls of video and audio.

If you do end up watching this, I thought the Aztec scene was completely off. There is a point where grandchildren take Ross Coulthart to a mesa where supposedly a UFO ricocheted off and left a mark. Whether that's true or not, or whether the family took him to the correct spot, what they end up showing as evidence of a saucer collision doesn't work, it's a weaker stratum in the rock which extends around the corners in both directions and presumably occurs all along the mesa top. Normal geology, just erosion, withering of a weaker layer under a stronger layer.

For the UFO initiated, I think what might be interesting in this "doco" is the Australian stuff, specifically the Whitehall mass sighting said to be the largest mass sighting ever in the southern hemisphere (Zimbabwe-Rhodesia notwithstanding) and the American professor James McDonald from the US Navy who investigated.