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The UFO Conclusion (2016)

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Discover what the government doesn't want us to know about the alien agenda. Leading authorities on the subject share why we can't afford to ignore the extraterrestrial messages any longer.


Stanton Friedman
Stephen Bassett
Kathleen Marden
Jim Marrs
Patty Greer



Thanks for all your UFO videos!

You're welcome! I still have another 3 documentaries to upload,so yeah keep watching,I will upload them all.

They reference it like it's documentary, but it's mockumentary.
It's a mess like Ancient aliens...

peterdeak wrote:

They reference it like it's documentary, but it's mockumentary.
It's a mess like Ancient aliens...
it's a "found footage" in style like the blair Witch project.
it's clearly made as a mockumentary and labeled everywhere as "sci-fi, horror" or and "mockumentary"
I never quite understood why fiction is presented as "proof" and referenced as such.... proof of what? someone wrote something fictional?

We really need categories :)

ET/UFO stuff in my experience comes in a few categories:

  • Honest people describing their experience - lights in the sky, dots on a radar, etc
  • "Insiders" telling wild stories that don't have any correlation with other wild "Insider" stories
  • David Willcock/Corey Goode types who are channelling and talking about their "sources" without mentioning their sources exist only in their imagination and fragmented psyche
  • Archeological stuff which is open to interpretation
  • Abductions which are quite possibly real but also quite possibly lucid dreams etc

Did I miss anything?

... that UFOs are secret terrestrial tech, and the US government is actively seeding the UFO community with nonsense to throw the curious off the scent. Willaim Lyne and only a couple others take this position. It's not a coincidence that none of them are invited to UFO conferences.

I would have included those under 1 & 2... do their stories correlate?

How wild are they? I don't tend to believe in Tesla tech, if it was real probably people would be replicating it everywhere.

On the other hand Ionic Lifters are a real thing, and pretty cool, it'll be interesting to see if that technology gets developed.