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Tyranny and Eugenics through "Public Health", Bioterrorism, and Vaccines (Part 7)

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Tyranny and Eugenics through Public Health, Bioterrorism, and Vaccines (Part 7)
By Jana ESP

A powerful and well-researched documentary series that exposes how Public Health, Bioterrorism and Vaccines have and are being used to advance Tyranny and Eugenics agendas.

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I do like this series. She lays out the HIV story quite nicely, but bear in mind it's very "right-brain", it's not quite sciencey enough. It's much more circumstantial evidence about which organisations are involved, which I still find quite compelling.

However in the first ten minutes she has the report on the discussion from the guy saying "the only thing that will reduce population is fewer births or more deaths" and then she completely ignores that he says "and obviously causing more deaths is out of the question". I don't think it's good evidence against HIM.

Similarly the Georgia Guidestones doesn't say HOW to bring the population down. Maybe they'd be happy to bribe people to only have one kid and wait 100 years. It doesn't explicitly say genocide.