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Tucker Carlson Tonight (2018.07.16)

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Carlson examines the outcry following the Trump-Putin summit and speaks with experts to find out how they feel the meeting affects US Russia relations. Then later, Tucker gets an update on the FBI bias investigation, with some lawmakers saying that Lisa Page was more forthcoming in her testimony than Peter Strzok.


At 13:12 in this edition, while discussing the media's outrage that Trump is not sabre rattling against Russia while at a summit with Putin, he said this:

You're totally missing it. This is not a left/right thing. This is a neocon/realist thing. So people who thought the Iraq war was a great idea, and think that we should overthrow Assad in Syria, and barge into Lebanon, and remake the world and hope it works this time - those people are deeply offended. It's not a left/right thing. It's a ruling class vs everyone else thing, and you know that.