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Tucker Carlson Tonight (2018.06.01)

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Tucker Carlson talks about race relations, Starbucks anti-bias training backfires, DOJ I.G. accused McCabe of lying to the FBI, MSNBC host Joy Reid breaks her silence. Also Mike Rowe talks about the future of the Boy Scouts. His guest includes: Peter Kirsanow, Jason Nichols, Jonathan Turley, Don Bongino, Larry O’Conner, Michael Pearson, Mike Rowe.

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... on YouTube, but found the quality and frequent commercials annoying. I decided to source from the Fox News site itself, but of course it will block you if you're from a country that has a broadcast agreement. Seeing as I'm in Canada which has Rogers and Bell media monopolies, I'm screwed...

...until I found a powerful program called youtube-dl which allows country spoofing and a choice of which resolution to download. Highly recommended for all you potential web downloaders out there!