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Transcending the Transhumanist Singularity (2016) 720p

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Transcending the Transhumanist Singularity (2016) 720p This is a little video collage of videos I've found and put together in a meaningful way, thereby creating a synergistic audio-visual effect. The same way you put together words to form sentences, you may also put together videos to form meaningful video messages. You won't be disappointed. You're meant to get traumatized a little - it's trauma-based mind control with a divine purpose - within the limits of the medium at hand. What will YOU choose: The transhuman Luciferian one world singularity, or the divine GOD-mind singularity? Will the Luciferian elite respect your choice? Freedom of choice means that you also have the right to make the wrong choice - and learn from it. Bear in mind that the universe is made of ignorance, and ignorance results in wrong choices. Please note: You may already have seen some of the videos in one of my previous torrents - just skip over it while watching. tags: GOD, mind, transhuman, posthuman, singularity, Lucifer, NWO, hive mind, implant, robotization
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This seems to be the case of the maleficent AI described by Corey Goode...
The narrative do seems to offer a super Transhumanism rather then any kind of transcendence !
I was too scary for watch to the end.