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Is it not working?

i am getting the following error

!19/2/2024, 22:21:36: RSS - - Invalid XML was received (Folder: "\\RSS Subscriptions\ConCen"; Details: "DTD is prohibited. / / Line: 1 /

I can download the XML file OK

It seems fine here. What program are you using to read it?

The Bat! E-mil program with

The Bat! E-mail program with integrated RSS Reader,other RSS sites i have work fine

Has it worked here on ConCen

Has it worked here on ConCen until recently?

I just did a wget on and got a "403 forbidden" error. This means that you now need to authenticate to the server before it will download the RSS file to you. Perhaps Bat! can handle this for you if you give it your ConCen user+password.

This is a new side effect from recently being forced to shut off public access to the search engine due to bogus search requests literally every second (23,000 in 6 hours). It was killing the server so bye bye public searching...

Yeap it has worked just a few

Yeap it has worked just a few days ago,so it must be it,unfortunately this program doesnot have a option to input user+pass for rss feeds

Try this link:

Let me know if it works

EDIT: I also redirected --> so the original link should still work when not logged in.

It's working,thank you kindly

It's working,thank you kindly...way easier then manually checking the website for new stuff

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