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TNS Radio Archive Right Before Site was Deleted

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TNS Radio is about to die so this is a last ditch preservation effort for the 1145:27:04 of audio that was recorded and hosted on the server.

Here are the hosts for the multitude of shows in the podcast archive.

April Reigne
B1tchin Bob
Dave Harvey Hotline
Deborah Walker - Food For Thought
Doctor Rock
Hope with Beverly
Johnny Meath
Liberty Tactics
Live Mike
Mike Montagne - Mathematically Perfected Economy
Scott Tips
Sean Maguire
Shazizz - Mad Science
Shazizz Round Table
Sovereign T
Summum Esse
Tim from Tang
Truthful Irish
Vin Sunday

Vin a founder, radio host, director and curator for TNS had these parting words.

To all members TNS Radio website will be permanently closed from midnight 17-05-2013

I apologize to all members for this but due to on-going harassment and threats from many sources including facebook, I feel I have no option but to take this course of action.
I realize this will be a shock to many of you and I am truly sorry, but I perceive these threats to be a very real danger to my family and I am taking this action in the hope that I can live without fear.
I will not be logging into the site again, even though I know many of you personally I hope you can understand that I need time to be with my Family alone.
I will not be changing my mind, this is final.
If you have content on the site that you feel you need feel free to download or copy it as it will not be available after midnight and will be irretrievable there after.

All facebook groups and pages by TNS will also be closing.

The same will go for all Podcasts/youtube channel if you want to download any you have until the same deadline midnight 17-05-2013
I gave TNS Radio my all for many years and as of late I have been feeling burnt out mentally and physically and emotionally drained.
I will hold fond memories of you all and I appreciate all that you shared with me over the last few years.

Kind regards Vin
Huge archive please be patient with the initial bottleneck.