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The time and what must be done

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The leader of the Nation of Islam began a major lecture series, “The Time and What Must Be Done,” by using scripture, current events, social conditions and, at times humor, in a poignant warning about the need to change to avoid divine chastisement as an old world goes out and a new reality begins to come into existence.

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan stressed November 15 that change was mandatory, and no one would be exempt from a universal change on the horizon.

“When you use the definite article ‘the,' it's a particular time, no other time like it, it's ‘The Time.' Today I would like to give you a capsule of the time, which is a period between two events, the beginning of this world is the first event and the end of this world, which is the second event,” he said. “When it says what must be done, there is no other choice. It is an absolute necessity that when you know The Time, you have to make up your mind to act in accord with the time or you will be destroyed from the face of the earth.”