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Ti Do Father Jesus Heavens Gate Ufo Two Witnesses

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This is the book written by an ex-member of the Heaven's Gate group. His name is Sawyer, and he streams daily with a woman named Cathy, essentially holding virtual classes discussing and sharing the teachings from the original class. They have a following of over 100 people on YouTube, and apparently even more through a Facebook group.

His YouTube channel:

The book is a staggering 1758 pages. Its title is similarly long, at 147 words, and is as follows:

---------------- START OF FULL TITLE ----------------

This "Little Book" Provides the "Backside" Evidence
Showing How All Jesus' Prophecy Revelations are
Fulfilled By Those who were known as:

Ti & Do
The Father and “Jesus”
Heaven's Gate
UFO Two Witnesses

Who Returned Incarnate With Their "Saints"
From 1972 to 1997
Prophesied in the Book of Revelations

Termed by Christians as
"The Second Coming"

The Physical "Evolutionary" Level Above Human
The Kingdom of God in Heaven

Whose Membership: "Wear" Physical Vehicles (Bodies)
Grown on a Vine
(That Human bodies are Designed to Resemble)

To Work Within Planet Sized Spacecrafts
Like Pluto and Ceres
That Serve as Laboratories for Their Earth
Soul Growing "Garden" Experiments

That Incorporate the Negative Influence of
The Luciferian "Space" Aliens, aka "The Fallen Angels" So
Prospective New Members, Directed By Incarnate Older Members
May Overcome the Human "Evolutionary" Kingdom

To Graduate Into the
Next Level Kingdom In the Literal Heavens

---------------- END OF FULL TITLE ----------------