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Thrive II Freedom Portal Video updates

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Thrive II Freedom Portal Video updates

For those who've seen the sequel: Thrive II - This is What it Takes, may be excited about joining the "freedom movement" for change around these new technologies. So many say its time to "Be The Change", and now the Thrive Movement has a successful Solutions model:

This, by far, seems like a very well thought-out, organized, and effective model for organizing spontaneous resistance into effective power for local change over any issue.

They have a 2-hour Introduction video on what they'll be discussing on their Video Updates to the Thrive II movement here:

The subscription is only $10/ month but they bill for the whole year up front. For that you get connected to others motivated to become a part of the solutions model and start working for change. So in addition to connecting with others, to work together in your areas, there will be updated videos where they discuss updates on what the movement is working on to bring about the change the move talks about.

I hope someone is motivated to join and share a few more videos here from the Freedom Portal, to motivate more to join and become a part of this.

Here is link to Thrive II movie here:


I did not realize they had this community set up for after the release of Thrive 2. It's nice to know that there will be this follow up and connections to people across the planet in relation to solutions to many of the world's problems. I know the movie shows what is purported to be a legitimate free energy technology working. You'd think that would make the news. It may take a while for stuff like that to get out there.

I will definitely think about becoming a member of their community (and screen recording their video streams)!

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