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Thought Inspire Subconscious Matrix Subliminals FLAC Thought Inspire Subliminals are a totally unique concept that work to change the beliefs that you have on the inside. It works on something called “the self concept”, which has been said by many psychologists to be the most important and greatest discovery in human psychology, ever. When you begin to understand the importance of the self concept as we explain below, you will understand how to finally alter your life with our subliminals once and for all. This can be life changing information when used correctly. The purpose of this short e-book is to give information on the psychology of how your brain works, what you can expect from the subliminals and what is happening on a psychological level. This includes the fact that your brain will try and resist the changes, and what to do about that. The Pathway To Progress Most people are unaware that their life follows a trajectory. That is, your level of success and achievement in anything is predetermined by your psychological state. Your state of mind determines how successful you will be in life. The only way to change your life is to change your psychological state, in the thoughts, feelings and images which play in your mind. All three of thought, feeling and image must be changed. The three areas of thought, feeling and image is called your self concept. We talk about that more in the next page and what exactly it is. The Self Concept And What It Is The self concept is you, and how you see, feel and interpret yourself in relation to the world around you. It is a psychological construct that determines your actions, decisions and behaviors. It is made up of three parts, which you might have heard of at some point before: Our subliminals work these three areas. Let's talk about each of these areas one at a time. Self Image This is how you see yourself in relation to the world. Specifically, it is about the images which are playing in your mind and how you interpret them subconsciously. The self image can be influenced by the environment around you. To work this aspect specifically, you will need to associate in a positive, constructive environment as much as possible. Self Ideal This is about the ideals you have and how close you are to achieving them. When you are more in tune with your ideals, you feel good about yourself. This again, is totally to do with interpretation. When you interpret things positively and believe you are moving closer to your ideals, your productivity in all areas improves. Self Esteem This is about your emotions and how you feel on the inside. With good emotions flowing through you, you feel good and interpret things more positively. With the right interpretations and thoughts going through your mind, you will interpret things positively, reinforcing positive thoughts and interpretations. This makes you feel even better and the cycle repeats itself. Subliminals are totally unique, in that they work all three areas of image, ideal and esteem, by working the interpretation aspect of ideal, image and esteem. When the interpretations of all 3 aspects of your psychology begins to comply with what you want to achieve, the whole self concept is completely changed. Incremental Improvement: Change Takes Time Thought InspireTM Subliminals work to incrementally improve your self-concept. This means gains happen slowly over time. There is no such thing as a quick fix. Just as you can't build a 100 storey building in a day and have to build it brick by brick, changing yourself from the inside out works in small steps. Also, let's look at it another way. Let's say, for example, you are 30 years of age, and you reached “adulthood” at 16 years of age. This means you have been holding onto your programming for at least 14 years (30-16) , if not longer. And it certainly takes more than a few days of effort to change 14 years of bad programming. The only way to make a headway into all this programming is through incremental improvement. Incremental improvement of your mindset is the way to accomplish the changes you want and differences can be felt in only a few short days or weeks. The Survival Mechanism Of The Brain: Change Happens In Cycles Because The Brain Wants To Resist Change Another thing which most people are unaware of is that change works in cycles and oscillations. That is, there are ups and downs. There will be moments where change seems to be happening left right and center, and there will be moments where nothing seems to be happening at all. This is perfectly normal and means the audios are definitely working. The reason why ups and downs happens is because of the survival mechanism of the brain. The brain is geared for survival. This means it will resist any changes to the status quo and how things are in the present. The brain will always try and keep your old programming and it will not want to budge. The brain thinks that everything is working out just fine – ie you are surviving in the way you are just now – so it is a risk to change and it will resist it. When the programming is broken through, a new survival level occurs. The brain will then resist changes to that. When that is broken through, a further level happens and the cycle repeats itself. This phenomena is why change happens in a stop-start, up and down way. So, if there are cases where gains are low, this is normal. Just keep going and they will start up again as the next level of consciousness is achieved. Files: FLAC (30 min each) Confidence Blueprint 1.flac Confidence Blueprint 2.flac Confidence Blueprint 3.flac Confidence Blueprint 4.flac Multiplier Audio.flac Subconscious Matrix Subliminal 1.flac Subconscious Matrix Subliminal 2.flac Subconscious Matrix Subliminal 3.flac Subconscious Matrix Subliminal 4.flac text Case Study - Gemma Farron.pdf Case Study - Tom Martin.pdf Confidence Blueprint - Messages In This Album.pdf EULA.pdf Precaution Information.pdf Subconscious Matrix - Messages In This Album.pdf The Confidence Blueprint.pdf The Psychology Of Thought Inspire.pdf The Subconscious Matrix Reloaded.pdf Thought Inspire Instruction Manual.pdf Thought Inspire Quick Questions.pdf Thought Inspire Subliminal Audios How It Works The World's Most Trusted Source For Quality Subliminal Audios User Results (Testimonials).pdf tags: subliminal, audio, mind control, mkultra, psychology, psychotherapy, transformation
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