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Thou Shalt Not: Sex Sin And Censorship In Pre-Code Hollywood-CG [2008/DVDRIP/XViD]

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Shows how the movie industry was subverse from the start. Has a little nudity.

Over seventy years later, they've lost none of their power to shock, entertain, and titillate. So-called "pre-Code" movies remain among the most vital films
America has ever produced. But why were these films so much more sexually free and socially critical than what came before or after? Who created the
Code, and what did it forbid?
And why did it finally become a Hollywood commandment?
The answer is a fascinating mix of scandal, big business and social history - a unique collision of events that resulted in one of the most
dynamic - and delicious - periods in Hollywood history.

Part of the Forbidden hollywood boxed set ,this documentary on the pre-code era of
Hollywood films (early '30s) lives up to its title with a rundown of various films that pushed the envelope before the Hays Office came into existence and censorship in films began with some rigid codes about what could and could not be shown.

Whilst incomplete it gives a fast and brief walk through of some of the many Pre-Code
films, showing clips to help explain the history