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Thoren&Warner-Truth in Money(scientific analysis of debt-money system for layman)(1980)

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CommentThis is Theodore R. Thoren's and Richard F. Warner's mindblowing book The Truth in Money Book (1980) which is the first scientific analysis ever of the debt-money system written for the layman who will now be able to thoroughly understand the incredible fraud behind the central bank's fiat money system. In simple, yet concise narrative, the authors explore the much mis-understood monetary system: why interest rates must rise and fall and how that controls our economy, how money is created and destroyed, why we needn't have a national debt, how compound interest works and how we can still rescue our failing monetary system. Did you know that the Federal Reserve Banks are not Federal property, but privately owned banks? The authors of The Truth In Money Book are on a mission. They want people to know exactly what the Federal Reserve is and how it operates. To top the analysis they then offer their own solution. Their information on the Federal Reserve (which is neither Federal nor a Reserve of exisitng money) is both easy to understand and fascinating. It's also important for an understanding of why you never have enough money and are always running to catch up - and what's wrong with the country. This important financial textbook gives a step-by-step explanation of how the national debt can be dramatically reduced and does that in an easy-to-read dialogue style, fully illustrated with charts, diagrams and tables. Upon finishing this absolutely unique and rare book readers will posess a thorough knowlege of: the US monetary system; the mechanics of our money system; the extent to which our money system controls our lives; the inherent problems with our money system; and the solutions that would dramatically improve life for every American. The text is surprisingly exceptionally easy to read, written in a narritive format with effective examples that make our seemingly convoluted money system seem down-right intuitive. Authors apply engineering problem-solving techniques to the monetary system in order to discover precisely what is wrong and design a mathematically balanced solution. Most money books are about the problem - this one is about the solution! Once you read this book you will never see the world as you used to do before - a true eyeoppener. 175 pages. A must read for everyone.
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