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There's No Place Like Utopia (2014)(AVI)

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There's No Place Like Utopia (2014)(AVI)

Why did Dorothy follow the yellow brick road? Film maker Joel Gilbert journeys across America to find out what's at the end of the Progressive rainbow - Utopia or something far worse? From the ruins of Detroit to the slums of Chicago's South Side, and from Denver's illegal immigration invasion to Newark's urban removal project, Gilbert pulls back the curtain. He confronts Progressives on his quest, and takes us deep into their political fantasy of paradise on earth. There's No Place Like Utopia is a humorous and horrifying exploration of Progressivism, amnesty for illegals, race relations, Islam in America, political correctness, and Barack Obama himself, who promises to "remake the world as it should be." But is Utopia a real destination for America? Or, does the true path to happiness still remain faith, family, and hard work - back home in Kansas?




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