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Theory, Calculation & the Operation of the Colorado Springs Tesla Transformer

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Theory Calculation & Operation of the Colorado Springs Tesla Transformer (2019)

by Eric P. Dollard

"Eric Dollard Gives The Most Historically Important And Accurate Analysis Of Nikola Tesla's Colorado Springs Magnifying Transmitter And He Gives Every Detail On How To Replicate It. A 20:1 Scale Model Demonstrates Multiple Violations Of Conventional Physics And Electrical Engineering Principles!"

REVEALED: Exactly how to Build a 20:1 Scale Model Replica of Tesla's Colorado Springs Transformer along with the know-how of how it actually works!

A few of the aspects to the demonstration including a few that violate the "Laws" of physics are:
No closed return path - violates Ampere's Law
If the bulb is removed while powered, the current doubles rather than diminishing - violating the Conservation of Energy
Energy disappers wtihout being accounted for - demonstrates the destruction of energy
Rare tenticle plasma from a tube in the field
Neutral spot in the middle of the fluorescent tube - the doorway to counterspace
A small version of the famous "Flame Speaker" - high fidelity sound coming out of the air as opposed to the low quality "Tesla Coil Speakers" on YouTube, which are simple PWM (pulse width modulated) versions.
500 watt bulb lit to full brightness with one wire.
Demo of Tesla's "Rotating Brush" plasma at the end of a plasma tube held near the field.
Extraluminal transmission from transmitter to receiver - does not conform to the inverse square law - violating Einstein's propaganda about light speed limitations erronously attached to electricity
Increase of AM station's reception for transmitter tuned to the AM frequency.
And more...

This presentation is half complex for the techies and half simple for those who aren't so there is something for everyone.